GIANT Layered Easter Sign SVG

Decorate your walls for Easter with this amazing and HUGE layered Easter sign.

This sign measures an incredible 28 inches wide, but the good news is that it can all be cut out on a regular 12×12 inch Cricut cutting mat!

The larger pieces come in sections that are stuck together to create the base of the design.

Video tutorial

Watch the video below to find out how to cut and assemble this project.

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Assembly Guide

I recommend watching the video above to get a better idea of how to stick the layers together, particularly for the blue base piece which can be a little tricky.

Before you upload the SVG to Design Space, you need to unzip the download folder that is comes in.

Important – before you cut the design, make sure it’s set to 28 inches wide in Design Space as there is currently (March 2021) a bug in the Upload process which is forcing SVGs to resize when you upload them.

Step 1 – Blue base

Stick the six pieces of the base together with glue or double-sided tape. Some of the pieces have little rectangles cut out of the sides. Use these as a guide for where to stick the next layers.

Slide the top layers over the layer with the rectangles in them so that the top layer completely covers the edge of the rectangle and you can’t see the gap any more.

When you’ve stuck the pieces together, turn the design upside down and add sticky tape along the join lines to help strengthen them.

Step 2 – Grass

Stick the three “grass” layers together in the same way that you did for the blue layer above and then glue (NOT foam!!) the grass to the blue layer as shown.

Step 3: Bottom layer of both rabbits

The bottom layer of each of the two rabbits come in two parts. Just like with the grass and sky, use the cutout rectangles to align the pieces together.

Stick the bottom layer of the rabbits to the design using 3D foam pads.

Step 4: Chocolate bunny bottom layer

Take the layers shown on the image below for the orange egg, chick, chocolate bunny and yellow egg and place them onto the design. DO NOT STICK THEM!!

You are just placing them on top to get the positioning correct.

When you are happy with how the shapes are looking, use a little bit of washi tape/masking tape to temporarily hold the two egg shapes and the chick shape in place and then use glue (NOT foam!) to stick down the chocolate bunny layer, making sure that you tuck it underneath the chick and yellow egg layers.

Step 5 – Left Easter egg

Use foam pads to stick the orange egg. Don’t put foam on the left of the egg as you need it to overlap the arm of the white rabbit.

Then, use more foam pads to stick the red egg on top of the orange one. You will need to “double up” the foam pads on the right of the egg to make sure it is level all the way across, due to the orange layer only reaching half way across the red one.

To do this, place the foam pads on the back of the design on that side of the red egg, then put another foam pad directly on top to double the height.

Step 6 – Chocolate bunny top layer

Use foam pads to stick the top layer of the chocolate bunny directly on top of the bottom layer.

Step 7 – Bottom layer of chick

The yellow chick layer is a little tricky because you need to carefully position the foam pads to make sure the card piece remains flat on top when it’s stuck on the varying levels of design underneath.

Use glue to stick the chick where it touches the red egg layer.

Place a double-height layer of foam pads down the middle of the chick.

Place a single layer of foam pads on the pieces of the chick that will be stuck on top of the bunny.

If you aren’t sure how to do this, please watch the video above.

Step 8 – Yellow egg

Stick the yellow egg shape on with foam pads. Don’t put foam pads on the very left or right edges as you need them to overlap the chocolate bunny and white rabbit as shown below.

Step 9 – Finish the chick and chocolate bunny

Use foam pads to attach the pink bow to the chocolate bunny and the two egg shapes to the click.

Attach the eyes of the chick using glue or foam pads (or use googly eyes!) and the beak using foam pads.

Step 10 – Top Easter Eggs

Each Easter egg that runs along the top of the design comes in two layers.

Glue the top layer to the matching bottom layer, following the image below as a guide.

The, use a single layer of foam pads to stick the eggs to the top of the blue base, leaving a thin blue border around the top.

Make sure you overlap the rabbits / chick / chocolate bunny as shown below, and overlap the five top eggs where shown too.

Step 11 – White rabbits

Add the rest of the layers to each of the white rabbits.

The top head layers will overlap the first and last Easter eggs along the top.

I’ve shown the heads in a slightly different colour on the image below just to make it easier to see where to position the layers. Yours will all be the same colour.

Step 12 – Easter egg stars

Stick the purple star layer on top of the bottom yellow egg with foam pads.

Step 13 – Rabbit egg shell

Stick the red egg shell to the bottom of the right-side rabbit.

Don’t put foam pads down the edge that overlaps the purple star egg layer as you need the red egg to overlap it.

Step 14 – Happy Easter

If you are using the “Happy Easter” letters then it’s time to add them!

I like to place the un-stuck letters on top of the design first to make sure I get them all in the correct order (check your spelling!) and to make sure the smaller letters match up correctly with the shadow layers underneath.

Glue or foam pad the thin letters to the thicker shadow layers, then attach to the sign using foam pads.

And that’s it… you’re done! Phew!!

To attach the sign to the wall, put some blu-tack on the back and press it straight on. You’ll need quite a bit to hold it as it’s quite heavy with all the pieces of card on it.

How to download my free files

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