Cricut Crafts

How to Frame Layered Alphabet SVGs with MAGIC GUIDES!! 🧙🏼

Make large-scale projects 1000% EASIER by using 🧙🏼 MAGIC GUIDES 🧙🏼 to perfectly align all the letters in the frame! That’s right – no messing about with rulers or trying to work out if everything is centered and stuck straight. It will ALL be done SO quickly, with the help of some magical little rectangles!

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The BEST EVER Way to Frame Papercraft Projects!

Do you love making papercraft projects with your Cricut, but struggle when it comes to framing them? THAT ENDS NOW! Check out this NEW "works-every-time" method for aligning papercraft projects in a shadow box frame so everything is PERFECTLY centred and stuck straight. It's a real game-changer!!

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