Make a GIANT Halloween Sign with your Cricut

Make a GIANT Halloween Sign with your Cricut

Looking for a showstopper Halloween sign this October? Look no further than this giant off-the-mat cutting file design.

This impressive Halloween sign measures 22 inches in width and about 10.5 inches in height.

The SVG is broken up into easy-to-assemble pieces so that you can cut it from sheets of 12×12, A4 or US Letter sized paper on your regular Cricut mats.

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About this project

I am a little bit in love with this giant Halloween Cricut craft!

Although it may seem a little bit daunting with all the colours and shapes (not to mention the SIZE – a whopping 22 inches in width!), this is actually a very simple design to put together.

This is the first “larger than mat” project I’ve ever done, and I will definitely be doing more in the future!

Giant happy Halloween sign SVG to cut with Cricut

All of the pieces are broken up so that you can cut them on your regular Cricut mats – you don’t need the extra-long Cricut mats to cut this, just the normal 12×12 ones are fine!

I cut all the pieces from A4 paper, but they are sized so that it will work for 12×12 inch or US Letter sized paper too.

This Happy Halloween design was created to match my other layered Halloween SVGs:

Halloween layered SVGs

Video tutorial for giant Halloween SVG

Watch this video to see how easy it is to cut and assemble the giant Happy Halloween wall art!

Materials list for Layered Happy Halloween sign

Download the Free Cutting File

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If you need help downloading files from my website, unzipping the downloaded folder and uploading SVG files to Cricut Design Space, watch this helpful training video that I recorded.

How to assembly Happy Halloween layered SVG file

Step 1) Cut all the pieces

Download the free SVG using the links on this page and then upload it into Design Space.

It should load in at the correct size, but you can check by clicking on the design and looking at the width/height boxes near the top of the screen.

The width should be set to 22 inches and the height is approx. 10.776 inches.

If your design isn’t set to that size, I recommend resizing it to 22 inches wide as it looks great at that size, although you can of course cut it smaller if you want to.

Sizing the design in Cricut Design Space

Step 2) Stick the base layer together

To start, we need to stick the four black base layers together.

These pieces will be stuck together with glue to form the bottom of the sign.

Each of the pieces have an “overlap” on the sides that you can stick them one-on-top of the other along those overlaps to join them together.

The image below shows how to stick the four pieces together. Your pieces will all be black, but I’ve shown two in red on the diagram to show how the need to be stuck together to form the completed shapes around the edges.

TIP: After sticking them together, turn the design upside down and add some sticky tape along the join lines to add strength and stability

Step 3) Build up the ‘Happy’ section

Find the two green spider web sections and stick them together along the overlapping edges.

Attach foam pads to the bottom and then stick this onto the top left of the large black base.

There will be a black border around the edge, as shown in the image below.

Use glue to stick all of the black HAPPY letters to the matching white border layers.

Add foam pads to the bottom of each of the white layers and stick them to the corresponding spaces on the green spider-web layer.

Step 4) Large purple layer

The next layer to add also comes in several pieces.

However, before we stick them together, we need to add the orange “lights” to the bottom of the haunted house.

Find the piece of orange card that matches the shape of the purple haunted house and glue it (important – do not use foam pads!) to the bottom of the purple piece.

After that, you can glue the three big purple pieces together along the overlapping edges.

Again, I’ve shown the diagram below in different colours so that you can see where each part needs to join and line up.

Turn the purple piece upside down and add sticky tape along the join lines for extra stability.

Add foam pads to the back and then turn it the correct way round and stick it onto the black base.

TIP – make sure you add foam pads in the middle of the shapes on the back to give the middles of the designs good stability and to stop the card “sagging” when the other layers are added on top.

Step 5) Complete the Grim Reaper

Use foam pads to add the skull and the hand along the left edge of the design to the grim reaper.

Stick the hand closest to the pumpkin on with glue instead of foam pads as it will be covered by the pumpkin layers so we don’t want to add depth to it as that might make it harder to cover.

Step 6) Complete the coffin

Stick on the black piece that shows the pumpkin, coffin shape and outline of the spooky hand using foam pads.

Next, glue (NOT foam pads) the brown coffin layer with the stripes on it. You can leave this layer off it you don’t want to use it.

Use foam pads to add the bat to the middle of the coffin.

Step 7) Complete the pumpkin and spooky hand

Use foam pads to attach the brown pumpkin layer, and then more foam pads to add the orange layer with the face.

Use foam pads to stick on the green hand layer and then stick on the fingernails with glue.

Step 8) Complete the witch’s broomstick

Use foam pads to attach the brown piece of the broomstick and potion bottle.

This should overlap the haunted house a little bit on the left side.

Use foam pads to attach the orange piece which shows the bottom half of the broomstick and the potion bottle.

Stick the white part of the potion bottle on with foam pads and then glue the green “potion” piece on top.

Step 9) Add the ‘HALLOWEEN’ letters.

Carefully spread out all of the white HALLOWEEN letters and position the black letters on top to check you have them all the correct way around.

TIP: Be careful with the “H” and “N” as the white layers look very similar.

Use foam pads to stick the black letters to the white layers and then use more foam pads to attach the white parts to your main deign.

10) Stick the Halloween sign on your wall!

Woohoo – your giant off-the-mat Halloween sign is finished!!

It’s now ready to be stuck to your wall. I find that Blu-tak is PERFECT for adding it to a wall without causing any damage to the wall.

You will need to use quite a bit to hold it as it’s heavy with all the cardstock layers.

Make a GIANT Halloween Sign with your Cricut

Alternatively, you could prop the finished piece up on a shelf or place it on a windowsill so that passers-by outside can see your lovely new piece of Halloween decor!

I hope that you enjoy making this project. If you do make it, I’d LOVE to see a photo so please share one in my Facebook group.

Want more layered Halloween SVGs?

I have a whole collection of Halloween SVGs which perfectly match the imagery used in this “Happy Halloween” sign.

Get more Halloween SVGs!

Halloween layered SVGs

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Happy crafting,
Sarah x