Unicorn Freakshake Recipe

This is my very first recipe post, so of course it’s unicorn inspired!

What is a unicorn freakshake?

A freakshake is basically a super-high-calorie, sugar laden version of a milkshake!

The craze started in Australia and is now becoming big in the UK, USA and across the world.

They are definitely NOT to be had every day (I mean, there’s practically a day’s worth of calories in just one), but as an occasional treat they are super yummy and definitely something to wow friends and family with.

A unicorn freakshake is a freakshake that’s been made… well… UNICORN-Y! (is that a word?)

Think lots of pink, pastel colours, rainbows and of course a cute unicorn printable to complete the look!

Get the free printable here

Indulge your sugar cravings with this unicorn freakshake: a strawberry, doughut, cream & sweet filled unicorn milkshake. It's got to be one of the best unicorn milkshakes that I've tried. The post contains free printable toppers to decorate your freak shake and use in other craft projects. #unicorn #unicornparty #unicornrecipes

How to make a unicorn freakshake

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Unicorn milkshake ingredients list

  • Printable unicorn toppers (download for free HERE)
  • A glass (these latte mugs are similar to the glass I used)
  • Your favourite strawberry milkshake (I use Nesquik!)
  • Strawberry ice cream sauce
  • Pink sprinkle doughnut
  • Squirty cream (aerosol cream)
  • Marshmallows
  • Fizzy rainbow sweets (I bought mine from Lidl)
  • A straw
  • Long wooden skewers

Unicorn milkshake instructions

  1. Print out the free unicorn toppers and cut one out
  2. Poke a hole in the top and bottom of the unicorn topper and thread a wooden skewer through it
  3. Thread a selection of marshmallows onto a separate wooden skewer
  4. Thread some rainbow fizzy sweets onto a third skewer. Fold them up so that they are shaped like rainbows once threaded
  5. Make up your favourite strawberry milkshake. I like to add a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream and some ice and blend it all together.
  6. If your milkshake is looking a little too pale, add a tiny bit of pink food colouring to make it look more ‘unicorn-y’
  7. Squirt some strawberry ice cream sauce around the edge of your glass
  8. Quickly pour in the strawberry milkshake
  9. Add a pink sprinkle doughnut on top of the glass
  10. Push the wooden skewers through the doughnut so that they stand up and stick out from the top of the freakshake
  11. Add a generous helping of squirty cream
  12. Add some sprinkles to the top – I used white chocolate drops
  13. Put your straw through the cream so it goes through the whole in the doughnut
  14. Enjoy your unicorn freakshake!!

I was super-proud of how this unicorn shake recipe all came together, and excitedly showed my husband, only for him to say that the strawberry sauce kind of made it look like unicorn blood. Silly husband. Doesn’t he know that unicorn blood is SILVER??

( Yes, that’s a Harry Potter reference… šŸ˜‰ )

Still, I can see where is is coming from – so if you agree that it looks a little bit… err… not quite right… then maybe leave the strawberry sauce out!

How to make a unicorn freakshake. Unicorn strawberry milkshake recipe with donut and sprinkles.

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