Transfer Peel Off Sticker Negatives onto Cards

Transfer Peel Off Sticker Negatives onto Cards

Learn how to transfer a peel off sticker negative onto a brand new handmade card with this handy card making hack!

Don’t you just HATE having to throw away card making supplies that totally SHOULD be usable? I’m EXACTLY the same!

I looked at all my old peel off stickers and thought there HAS to be a way to use up all the leftover bits of sticker.

And you know what…. THERE IS!

Trashing peel off sticker negatives is now a THING OF THE PAST.

Turn your old card making supplies into something NEW and BEAUTIFUL with the aid of a simple roll of masking tape!

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The EASIEST Way to Upcycle Peel-Off Sticker Negatives into Card Toppers

Watch the video to find out how EASY it is to turn those leftover bits of sticker into a brand new greetings card.

How to make a card out of peel-off sticker negatives

You will need…

How to transfer peel off sticker leftovers with masking tape

A simple roll of masking tape (painters tape) is all you need for this easy card making technique!

Top tip: If there are any pieces missing from the negative design from when you pulled up the original sticker, find a matching image on your peel-off sheet and use pieces from that one to fill in any gaps on the design you are transferring.

1) Layer strips of masking tape over the peel-off sticker negatives

Be sure to overlap each strip of tape so that they are touching and you don’t have any holes.

Adding masking take to the negative parts of a peel-off sticker

2) Burnish VERY well!

Burnish (rub) the peel-off sticker parts with a bone folder, Cricut scraper tool or anything similar that has a hard, smooth edge.

Rub the whole of the negative design.

You may need to press quite hard and go over it a few times to make sure the bits of sticker will adhere to the masking tape.

Burnishing with a Cricut scraper tool

3) Carefully remove the masking tape

If you find that pieces of the design are not transferring to the masking take then burnish them so more until they do lift up with the tape.

Carefully remove masking tape in card making project

4) Stick the masking tape to a piece of card

I used hammer-effect black card as darker card tends to show up gold and silver peel-off stickers more effectively than lighter colours of card.

Stick peel-off sticker onto card

5) Remove the masking tape

Slowly peel off the masking tape, one strip at a time.

If parts of the sticker are still stuck to the tape then re-attach the tape to the card and burnish it gently with your bone folder or scaper tool.

This time we are re-sticking the pieces of peel-off to the card instead of the masking tape.

Removing masking tape slowly

6) Cut around the edge to finish your card topper

I fussy-cut around the edge of the design to leave a thin black border around the edges.

Fussy cut topper for card making

7) Make a handmade card!

Your gorgeous peel-off negatives topper is now ready to be used on a card.

I created a Christmas card using a white scallop-edge card base, more black card, gold glitter card and a “Season’s Greetings” sentiment topper.

I just LOVE how it turned out – it’s so sparkly!

Card handmade from negative parts of peel-off stickers

Upcycle your craft materials today!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to get even MORE value out of your peel-off stickers by using the negative parts left behind after you’ve removed the main stickers.

Peel-off stickers are my secret weapon for creating professional quality handmade cards. Find out how I use them as part of my BEST card making hacks.

Happy crafting,
Sarah x


  • Gale Brown says:

    Fantastic!!!! I remember Mum doing this but never checked with her as to how she did it.

  • Christine Walker says:

    I am new to this and I am fascinated with your talent. I have started doing iris cards but can’t cut out the shapes very well. I have tried small embroidery scissors and a blade knife (?stanley knife) but not very good! And works out quite expensive to buy the ready cut cards. I plan to sell them at the dementia cafe I volunteer at for the charity coffers! Any hints on the best way to try to cut them out? Many thanks from a very late starter with card making!
    Chris Walker

    • Craft with Sarah says:

      Hi Chris, I use a rotating blade craft knife to cut out the shapes which is much easier than a regular craft knife as the blade turns when you cut, so it goes around the edges of the pattern really easily, almost like tracing with a pen. This is the one that I use:

      Sarah x

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