Quick & Easy Fun Fold Card Template

Quick & Easy Fun Fold Card Template

Fed up of making the same style of cards all the time? Try something different with this “over the edge” fun fold card template!

The FREE template comes in both PDF format (to cut out by hand) AND a Design Space project for easy cutting on Cricut machines – woohoo!

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What is a fun fold card?

A fun fold card is… well, one that’s… err… fun… to fold! ??

It’s a generic card making term for any card shape that is a little more complex and interesting than simply folding a piece of card in half to make your card blank.

For this card, the “fun fold” part is the half-size front panel combined with the over-the-edge square.

It’s such a simple design, but has endless possibilities for crafting fun!

Fun fold card with a nautical theme

Free Fun fold card making template

Use the button below to download the fun fold card making template to your computer. It’s FREE!

Get the template

PDF version

The template comes in a PDF version which you can cut out and use to create your own card at the exact sizes needed for this fun fold card.

Each part of the template includes the measurements in inches, so you could use those to cut your card to the correct size without printing out the template.

Fun fold template free PDF

Cricut Design Space version

I have also included a link to get the fun fold card in Cricut Design Space.

If you have a Cricut machine, all you need to do is click the link and the template is ready for you in Design Space, all perfectly sized and including all the score lines!

Cricut Design Space fun fold card

Get the template

VIDEO: How to make a fun fold card

Watch the below video for instructions on how to assemble this fun fold card.

This tutorial is part of my “Tutorial Tuesday” weekly video series – new craft tutorials EVERY Tuesday!

Materials list

Here is what you’ll need to make this fun fold card…

You will need…

WRITTEN TUTORIAL: How to make a fun fold card

Here is how to assemble this over-the-edge fun fold greetings card.

1) Cut out all pieces of the template

Use either the Cricut version of the template or the PDF version and cut out all pieces of the card onto your chosen card/papers.

Don’t forget to cut one of the smaller rectangle onto white so you can write your message on it.

Cut out all pieces of the fun fold design

2) Stick the smaller shapes to the larger ones

Stick the three smaller rectangle into the middle of the larger versions, and the smaller square onto the larger one.

I use double-sided tape or tacky glue for card making – both are great adhesive choices.

Double sided tape vs tacky glue

3) Stick on the front panel

Stick the front panel to the front of the card base.

It’s easiest to open up the card to do this to make sure you’re sticking it exactly in the middle.

Sticking on the front panel

4) Stick on the top panel

Stick the top panel to the inside of the card base, at the top.

You could use foam pads to this panel to add a bit of 3D dimension!

Sticking on the top inside panel

5) Stick in your insert piece

Open up the card and stick the rectangle with your message section to the inside of the card.

Writing panel for your message

6) Attach the square

Put adhesive on the bottom 1/3 of the back of the square panel.

Stick it to the front of your card.

Make sure you don’t have any glue showing through the back that might accidentally stick it to the inside of the card, otherwise it won’t open!

You could use foam pads instead of glue to add a bit of 3D dimension.

Over-the-edge square card design

7) Decorate the card!

Now for the REALLY fun bit – adding your decorations!

Go as subtle or as WILD as you want with your embellishments!

Inside of fun fold card

I hope you have enjoyed this fun fold card tutorial.

Check out my other card making tutorials and Cricut crafts for more crafting ideas.

Happy crafting,
Sarah x


  • Denise Terry says:

    I love this. I am not very good at making cards. They take me forever. THANK YOU!!!

  • Judy Robinson says:

    Super cute card….thank you for sharing.
    Both links for the template are for the PDF file, there is no Cricut one.

    • Craft with Sarah says:

      Hi Judy, thanks for reaching out. On the front page of the PDF there is a link to open the project in Design Space. It starts with bit.ly

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