How to make a Zigzag Stacker Card

How to make a Zigzag Stacker Card

Try out a new 3D card making technique with this unusual zigag stacker card designs. Learn how to make a zigzag stacker card here!

I first started making zigzag stackers way back in 2011 to sell in my Craftsuprint shop.

To this day, I still love making up zigzag stacker handmade cards!

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What is a zigzag stacker card?

Zigzag stackers are made in a similar way to traditional pyramage cards.

You cut out different shapes and then layer them on top of each other using foam pads to make a 3D effect.

Each layer is in the shape of a forwards or backwards “z” letter – hence the name “zigzag stacker”.

Zigzag stacker with a westie

VIDEO: How to make zigzag stacker cards

Follow these step-by-step-instructions for how to make zigzag stacker cards.

Materials list

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How to make a zigzag stacker

  1. Print your zigzag stacker printable onto photo paper or card. I like to use glossy photo paper as it gives a nice shine to the card.
  2. Cut out all of the shapes on the card.
  3. Take the large rectangle part of the design and place it in front of you. It’s marked with a blue arrow on the printable.
  4. Use 3D foam pads to stick the two largest zigzag pieces on the left and right of the rectangle design. These are marked with black arrows on the printable. The foam pads will give your card a 3D effect.
  5. Use more 3D foam pads to stick the smaller zigzag pieces on top of the larger zigzag pieces. These are marked with red arrows on the printable.
  6. Your zigzag stacker is now complete, so it’s time to assemble your handmade card.
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Finished zigzag stacker card from the side

Free zigzag stacker printables

Here are some free zigzag stacker printables for you to try!

Click the images to go to where you can download the files.

Christmas Westie Zigzag Stacker

Halloween Gingerbread Man Zigzag Stacker

Haunted House Handmade Card

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