How to make Side Stacker Cards

How to make Side Stacker Cards

Side stacker cards give a lovely 3D “stacked” appearance to your handmade greetings cards. Learn how to make them here!

Follow these step-by-step-instructions for how to make side stackers on your handmade cards.

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What is a side stacker card?

A side stacker card is a greetings card where the edges of the design have been layered up using 3D foam pads to create a “stepped” effect.

It’s similar to a pyramid (pyramage) card but instead of just layering up one ashape in the middle of the design like you do on a pyramid card, with side stackers you build up from one or more of the edges.

Here’s an example of a side stacker card:

What is a side stacker card?

VIDEO: How to make side stacker cards

Follow these step-by-step-instructions for how to make side stacker cards.

To get the side stacker sheet used in the video, plus LOADS more, check out these links:

TUTORIAL: How to make side stacker cards

Learn how to add 3D dimension to your handmade cards with this step-by-step side stacker tutorial.

You will need…

Side stacker cards tutorial

Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to make side stacker cards.

1) Download & print your chosen design

Choose your side stacker card making download design and print it onto your favourite type of paper.

For this tutorial I’m using one of my Christmas designs that I created a few years ago – get it here.

Christmas side stacker printable

Get free card making designs here!

I use glossy photo paper as I LOVE the pretty shine that it makes when you hold the card up to the light.

Don’t have a printer? Craftsuprint will print card making downloads for you and send them to you in the post – amazing!

2) Cut out the side stacker layers

Cut out the side stacker layers.

If your layers have straight edges then it’s best to use a craft knife and metal ruler to get them nice and precise when you cut them out.

Otherwise, a pair of scissors works great!

3) Construct your handmade card

I find it easiest to stick the main image of the side stakcer to my card BEFORE I add the 3D layers.

You may prefer to do it afterwards, in which case skip straight ahead to the next step and come back to this one at the end!

Side stacker card example

For my card, I stuck a piece of red glittery Christmas-themed paper to a 6x6inch card front to cover the whole of the card.

I then mounted the square picture onto a co-ordinating piece of cardstock (sparkly green card!), then stuck it to my card using double-sided tape.

4) Add the first side stacker layer

Turn the first layer of the side stacker upside down and stick 3D foam pads (or foam tape, or 3D glue dots) to the bottom.

I like to put one in each corner, then a couple in the middle.

Add foam pads to your layers

You may need more if your side stacker layer is quite big, or less if it’s small.

Turn it over and stick it to your main topper image.

Layer up the side stacker design

Top tip! Gently place the layer onto the topper base BEFORE firmly pressing it down. That way, if you haven’t quite got the alignment right you can pick up the layer again and move it without damaging the topper underneath.

5) Finish the side stacker topper

Repeat Step 4 for each of the remaining layers of your side stacker topper.

As you start adding them, you’ll see the “stepped” effect starting to take shape on each side of your card.

Finish the side stacker by adding all of the different layers

6) Add some finishing touches!

When the side stacker layers are all attached, it’s time to start decorating!

I kept it quite simple for this card as I didn’t have much room left to play with.

All it needed was a gold gemstone in each of the four corners, and then it was finished.

Side stacker tutorial. Learn how to make side stacker cards like this one!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make side stacker greetings cards.

If you love to make handmade cards, check out my other card making tutorials, and my free card making downloads.

Happy crafting,
Sarah x