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Christmas Star Fancy Folding Pattern


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About 'Christmas Star Fancy Folding Pattern'

Up-level your iris folding skills by branching out into the new technique of fancy folding with this free Christmas star pattern.

Fancy folding is the 'sister craft' to iris folding. They are both very similar, but with fancy folding you fold the paper strips several times along the pattern lines, rather than simply placing them along one straight edge like you do with iris folding.

Christmas Star Fancy Folding Pattern

This is a great pattern to get yourself used to making triangle folds as the star shaped design contains lots of them!

Don't worry though - the pattern is clear and easy-to-follow, so you'll be making wonderfully festive Christmas bauble greetings cards before you know it! :)

Christmas star fancy folding pattern

You will need...

  • Free Christmas star fancy folding pattern
  • Normal printer paper to print on
  • Cutting mat & craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • A6 white (or off-white) card blank
  • Green card (I used one with a shimmery effect for that extra Christmas sparkle!)
  • Gold paper
  • Gold peel-off stickers

Christmas star fancy folding pattern. This free craft pattern is perfect for you if you like to iris folding. Fancy folding is the sister card making technique to iris folding. Try a new Christmas craft with this intricate star handmade card. #handmadecard #irisfolding #fancyfolding #craftwithsarah

Fancy folding instructions

Step 1: Print the pattern

Print out the fancy folding pattern onto normal printer paper and cut out the smaller version of the pattern.

Step 2: Draw around the shape

Cut a piece of green card slightly smaller than A6 and place your fancy folding pattern on top of it.

Use a pencil to draw around the edge of the pattern.

Christmas star fancy folding instructions

Step 3: Cut out the pattern

Cut out the star shape that you just traced onto the card.

I used a craft knife and cutting mat to do this to keep the edges of the star perfectly straight and crisp.

When you've cut out the shape, position the pattern underneath the cutout.

Christmas star fancy folding instructions

If you are worried about the pattern slipping as you complete the folding then use a small piece of masking tape to stick the pattern and/or card to your work surface.

Step 4: Make the first fold

Look on the pattern for the fold marked with a "1".

Take a small piece of gold paper and fold one edge alone the left side of the triangle that contains the number "1".

Place a fingernail on the bottom corner of the triangle to hold the paper in place and then fold the other side of your gold paper along the other line of the "1" triangle.

If your paper overlaps after you have folded it into a triangle then you will need to cut off some of the excess to leave yourself with just the triangle shape with no overlaps.

Use a piece of sticky tape to stick your folded triangle to the card to hold it in position.

Christmas star fancy folding instructions

Step 5: Fold the next shape

Look on the pattern for the fold marked with a "2".

Take another piece of gold paper and fold along the two longest sides to create another triangle.

Secure this to the card using another piece of sticky tape.

Christmas star fancy folding instructions

Step 6: Complete the folding

Complete the rest of the fancy folding, following the numbers on the pattern.

When you've finished, your card will look quite messy like this:

Christmas star fancy folding instructions

Step 7: The grand reveal!

Once you have finished the fancy folding, turn the card over to see your completed design.

Trim off any bits of gold paper that are sticking out from around the edge of the green card.

Step 8: Attach to a card front

The gold paper I used for the fancy folding star was quite thick which meant that my star was bulky when finished.

To make it easier to create a handmade card, I pressed the folding underneath a big pile of heavy books for a few hours before I started assembling the card.

This flattens out the folding so it's easier to stick to the card.

Use double sided tape to attach the folding to an A6 card blank.

Use a hole punch to cut a small circle of green card and glue this to the top of the star bauble in the middle of the top of the star ornament.

Christmas star fancy folding instructions

Step 9: Decorate the card

Use gold peel-off stickers to decorate your card.

Christmas star fancy folding instructions

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