Make a Witch’s Cauldron Slimline Card

Use gemstones, sequins and other sparkly goodies to create this cute witch’s cauldron slimline handmade card that’s perfect for Halloween.

I saw a similar card on Instagram a few weeks ago, with one cauldron on it, and just HAD to make a similar one as I thought the idea was brilliant!

If you’re like me and you tend to hoard gemstones, sequins and other tiny embellishments, then this is a great card to get you to finally use up some of your supplies!

Handmade cauldron card

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How to make a gemstone slimline card for Halloween

Watch this video to find out how to make this sparkly witch’s cauldron handmade card for Halloween.

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How to make a slimline card

Step 1) Cut out all of the pieces

First, cut out the main card (or use a premade card blank), the cauldrons and the squares to go on the card.

If you’re using Cricut Design Space, click the button below to open up a Design Space project with all the pieces created for you.

CWS Clubhouse Exclusive

Halloween Cauldron Card

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If you don’t have a Cricut or aren’t a member of the CWS Clubhouse then you can create the shapes yourself using these dimensions:

Card front: 9.5 cm wide x 21 cm tall (if you’re cutting the whole card to fold it down the middle, make the width 19cm)

3 Silver squares: 2.5 inches each (approx 6.5cm)
3 White squares: 2 inches each (approx 5cm)
3 cauldrons

For the cauldrons, you could use a punch/die cutting machine if you have a suitable image, or perhaps search online for a cauldron image that you could print out and then cut with scissors.

Step 2) Stick the squares together

Stick the smaller white squares into the middle of the silver squares.

I used glue because it sticks best to mirror card.

Stick the white squares to the silver squares

Step 3) Attach the cauldrons

Attach the cauldrons to the bottom of the white squares.

I used 3D foam pads to give a bit of depth to the card.

Stick teh cauldrons to the white squares

Step 4) Add the cauldron potion

Use gemstones, sequins and other embellishments to create the “potion” bubbling out of the cauldrons.

You could even use a hole punch to punch tiny circles of card to create the bubble effect.

Create the potion out of gemstons and sequins

Step 5) Attach the squares to your card

Use glue, double-sided tape or 3D foam pads (I used pads) to stick the squares to your card.

I find it’s easiest to line them up on the card front before you start sticking, just to make sure they are all going to fit!

Attach the squares to the card

Step 6) Add some finishing touches

Add any final touches or embellishments that you want on your card.

I put some silver peel-off stickers down each of the longer sides of the card front for an extra bit of glitz.

Halloween witch handmade card

And that’s it – your witch’s cauldron handmade card, complete with sparkly bubbling potions is all finished!

I hope that you enjoyed this slimline card tutorial.

Happy crafting,
Sarah x