Make Pumpkin Face Candles with Free SVGs

Customize boring store-bought candles for Halloween with these cute pumpkin faces.

This is a really quick but SUPER cute Halloween Cricut craft to make for your Halloween decorations this year.

Find out how to make them below…

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Make your own customized candles for Halloween

One of the best things about a Cricut machine is that it lets you customize objects REALLY easily.

For this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use vinyl to add jack-o-lantern faces to store bought candles in glass jars.

Collection of handmade Halloween crafts

Video tutorial for pumpkin face candles

Watch this step-by-step video to find out how to make these cute Halloween candles.

Materials list for pumpkin face candles

Free pumpkin face SVGs

There are not one, not two but FIVE different pumpkin face designs to choose from.

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Sarah holding Halloween pumpkin face candles

How to make pumpkin face candles with a Cricut

Step 1) Choose your candles

Here are my candles that I’ve chosen for this project.

I got these two candles from Tesco, which is a grocery store in the UK, and I think I paid £2 each for them so they were quite affordable.

I’ve got white candles as that’s all I could find, but this would work really well with orange candles to make them look more like little pumpkins.

You’ll want to choose candles in glass jars so that you’ve got something sturdy to stick the pumpkin faces to that isn’t part of the candle itself.

Choose candles in glass jars

Step 2) Measure the candles

We need to decide how big to make the pumpkin faces, so take a ruler and hold it up to your candle.

Place the ruler against the side to determine how big to size the pumpkin faces in Design Space.

For this one, I think about two inches will be fine. The second candle is almost the same size, so two inches should work well for that one too.

For both candles, I want to be able to see the whole of the pumpkin face without it bending too much around the sides.

Measure the candles

Step 3) Cut the pumpkin face SVGs

Open up Design Space and upload the free pumpkin face SVGs.

Resize each design to the size that you measured earlier.

Cut the designs from black adhesive vinyl and then weed away the excess vinyl to leave just the faces on the backing paper.

Open and resize the pumpkin face SVGs in Cricut Design Space

Step 4) Stick the vinyl onto the candles

You could use transfer tape to move all the pieces to the candles, but as there aren’t very many pieces I think it will be easier just to stick them on by hand.

Peel each piece of the pumpkin face off of the backing paper and stick it onto the candle. Be sure to press down firmly to ensure a good stick.

Stick the vinyl pieces onto the glass candle jars

And then here we are – our two finished candles for Halloween! Wasn’t that easy?

Pumpkin faces added to candles

I hope that you enjoyed this super-quick tutorial on how to customize store-bought candles with your Cricut machine.

Happy crafting,
Sarah x