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Handmade Cards with the Cricut Foil Transfer Tool

Make cards that SHINE with the new Cricut foil transfer tool. Adding foil to handmade cards gives a whole new level of luxury!

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to add some metallic glamour to your cards with Cricut’s new pressure-activated foil.

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About this project

Did you see the announcement about Cricut’s NEWEST product – the Foil Transfer Tool?

It’s SO cool – it’s a new “blade” for your Cricut Maker or Explore (although it doesn’t cut – it works more like the embossing tips) that can transfer metallic FOIL onto your craft projects!

I was lucky enough to pick one up on the day they were released, so I’ve had a couple of weeks now to play with it and get to know the best ways to get a good transfer of foil onto my card.

Making a Cricut foil Halloween card

There are definitely a few things to watch out for when using the Cricut foil tool, so be sure to read all the notes below so you can learn from my mistakes!!

Thinking about purchasing the Cricut foil tool? Please note that it only works on the desktop version of Design Space, so you’ll need a laptop or computer to use it, not a phone/tablet device.

Video tutorial for the Cricut foil transfer tool

Watch this video to see how to design your handmade card and then how to use the Cricut foil transfer tool.

A full written tutorial is available further down on this page.

This project was part of 2020's Halloween Craft Countdown.

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Materials list for Cricut foil handmade cards

Design Space Project Link

Halloween Witch’s Hat Greetings Card

Open Project in Design Space

Please note that you need an active Cricut Access subscription to be able to cut this Project for free.

Handmade card using the Cricut foil tool

How to design greetings cards to foil with your Cricut

Step 1) Make your base layers

Decide on the size of the card you wish to make. I’m using a 6×6 inch card blank, but I measured it and it’s actually slightly smaller than that, so I made a square in Design Space the same size as my card front.

I then made two more squares, each slightly smaller than the other.

I positioned all three squares on top of each other by selecting them all and then pressing “Align” in the top menu and then “Center”.

Making squares in Design Space

Step 2) Choose a “draw” image

Choose the image to add to your card front.

I chose this fun Halloween hat. The best type of images to choose are “Draw” images as they have lots of detail in them which will look great when foiled.

The witch hat is from an Image Set called “Classic Halloween” and the Cricut Access ID is #M1AB0BFF4.

Here is what it looks like when we first insert it:

Witch hat draw image in Cricut Access

To change it to a Foil image, go to the “Linetype” dropdown in the top left and choose “Foil” and then choose whether you want to use the fine, medium or bold tip.

I chose the medium one for the witch’s hat.

Change the line type to foil

Step 3) Add a decorative border

I found a decorative flourish to go in the top-right of the card.

The Cricut Access ID of this flourish is #M1BBB7B13.

Change it to a “foil” type and change the colour by clicking the little colour box next to the “Linetype” dropdown.

Add a decorative border

I added a thin line of green foil around the edge of the purple square by going to “Images” and selecting a Score Line, then changing that to a “foil” type in the “Linetype” dropdown.

I kept adding score lines along all the edges of the square to create the final effect.

Make a green border with score lines

Step 4) Attach the foil layers to the square underneath

We need to tell the Cricut to add both colours of foil on top of the purple square.

To do that, select all the “foil” layers and the top purple square and then press “Attach” down the bottom of the layers panel.

Attaching the foil layers

This is now ready to make! Click “Make It”.

How to use the Cricut foil transfer tool

Step 1) Move your design on the mat

It will be easier to add the foil onto the card if you move it to the middle of the mat.

Click-and-drag it on the preview screen in Design Space to move it into the middle.

Move your design on the mat

Click “continue” and select your material type.

TIP: I find that the foil tool works best if you change the pressure to “light”. When I tried using it with the regular pressure, it ripped the foil when it was in the Cricut machine.

Your Cricut will probably cut the gold mirror card layer first (the middle sized square) and then move on to the purple squares that will include the foiling.

Step 2) Add the green foil

You will need two sheets of green foil from the “Jewel” foil pack.

Place them over your card and securely tape them down using the white tape that comes in the foil pack.

You want to try and position the foil so it is really flat and pulled tight, without any air bubbles underneath.

Do not let the foil touch the sticky part of your mat as it may rip or damage the foil.

TIP: Be careful when adding the tape that you don’t put it anywhere that the design will be foiled, as the Foil tool can’t penetrate the tape to the foil underneath, so it it “presses” over the tape when doing the design, you won’t get any foil transfer.

Add the green foil

Step 3) Put into your Cricut machine

Open up the foil tool and put in the appropriate tip.

There are little lines on the tips to show you if it’s the fine, medium or bold one.

One line is the fine, two lines is the medium and three lines is the bold.

To insert the tip, simple hold the main tool upside down and drop the tip in, with the point with the lines on it pointing out the end.

Insert the tip into your Cricut machine.

Move all of the white “star wheels” to the edge of your Cricut machine by pushing them along the silver bar. If you don’t do this, they will mark and possibly rip the foil.

Move all the star wheels to the edge

Now, it’s time to load your cutting mat.

Load your cutting mat

Step 4) Change to the gold foil

When your Cricut has finished foiling the green foil, DO NOT EJECT YOUR CRICUT MAT!!!

This is REALLY important – your Cricut mat must NOT be ejected until ALL OF THE FOILING is complete!!

Carefully take the green foil off of the card whilst it’s still loaded into the Cricut machine.

Remove the green foil

Then, add the gold foil.

The white tape is re-usable, so you can use the same pieces for the gold foil.

Tape on the gold foil

Press the “go” button on your Cricut to complete the gold foiling.

Step 5) Remove the gold foil and re-load your cutting blade

When the foiling process is complete, carefully remove the tape and gold foil (DO NOT EJECT YOUR CRICUT MAT!)

Remove the foil tool from your machine and replace it with your regular cutting blade.

Press the “go” button on your Cricut, and now it will cut out the two purple squares.

Cut out the squares

How to assemble your foiled card

Here’s how to make your card now that you have foiled the design and cut everything out.

Step 1) Stick the largest square to the front of your card blank

Use double-sided tape to stick the largest purple square onto the front of your card blank.

Stick the largest square to the front of your card blank

Step 2) Attach the foiled design to the gold mirror card

Use double sided tape to stick the smaller purple square (with the foiled design) to the square of gold mirror card.

Attach the foiled design to the gold mirror card

Step 3) Stick the gold mirror card onto your base card

Use 3D foam pads to attach the gold mirror card onto your card card.

Stick the gold mirror card onto your base card

Step 4) Decorate with green gemstones

Add a green stick-on gemstone to the three corners of the border that we created in Design Space.

This helps to cover any little parts where the lines mat not be touching neatly, and it gives an extra sparkly effect!

Add gemstones to the corners

That’s it – your super-shiny foiled card is now finished!

The Cricut foil looks lovely when it’s transferred onto card, especially if you use a darker card such as the purple from this project as it really helps the gold and other foil colours to show up.

Foil decorated Halloween card from the side

I hope you that enjoyed this tutorial on how to design your own handmade Halloween card and then foil it using Cricut’s foil transfer tool.

Happy crafting,
Sarah x

This project was part of 2020's Halloween Craft Countdown.

View all 31 craft projects!