DIY Spider Egg Halloween Centrepiece that LIGHTS UP! [HCC Day 19]

DIY Spider Egg Halloween Centrepiece that LIGHTS UP!

Make something special for the table this Halloween dinner with a this super spooky light-up Halloween centerpiece, filled with juicy, slimy “spider eggs”.

Can you believe that the Halloween Craft Countdown ends tomorrow? It’s gone so quickly and I hope you’ve enjoyed all of the Halloween crafts that I have been sharing.

We’re going to fill some glass jars with water beads, make them glow all different colors and add some vinyl spiders to the outside for a really creepy appearance.

Halloween centrepiece ideas

Watch the video below to find out how to make this light-up Halloween centrepiece. Or, keep scrolling for a written tutorial.

Spider egg jars materials

Here is a list of the materials that I used to make this project.

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Cricut vinyl spiders

How to make a DIY Halloween centrepiece

Let’s get started on our vinyl spiders and their “eggs”!

Step 1: Soak the water beads

Here are the water beads that I’m going to be filling my jars with. They really don’t look like very much at the moment, but how these work is you put them in water and then they absorb it all and they get really really big so that they will then fill the jars.

Water bead packets

Get one jug/bucket/bowl for each colour of water beads you are making and add about 1 liter of tap water in each. Check the instructions of the particular beads that you’ve bought because some of them may vary based on how much water you need.

Cut the water bead bags open and add them to the jugs.

They will take around 12 hours to soak up all the water.

Water jugs

Step 2: Make the vinyl spiders

Whilst the beads are soaking, you can decorate the outside of the jars with vinyl spiders.

Open up Design Space and start a new project.

Go to “Images” and type in “Spider”. Use the filters on the left to look for one-layer Cut files and choose a selection of different spiders.

Design Space spiders

Use the Duplicate button to make copies of the spiders. Depending on the size you make them, and the size/amount of jars you are filling, you will probably need around 30-50 individual spiders.

Design Space Duplicate Icon

Lots of spiders

Cut from black adhesive vinyl (permanent or removeable) and then weed the excess vinyl away.

Weed the vinyl spiders

Peel each spider off the backing paper like a sticker and stick it to the outside of the jars.

Spider stickers

Step 3: Fill the jars

When the water beads have finished expanding, drain the jugs into a colander to get rid of any leftover water, then add the beads back into the jugs.

Expanded water beads

Fill your jars with the beads. You can choose to just use one colour, or “layer” different colours within the same jar.

Jar filled with water beads

Step 4: Make the Halloween centrepiece

Open up the submersible LED lights and remove the battery protector.

Remove the battery protector

Screw them shut and the light should turn on.

Places several lights into each jar and use the remote control to turn them the colour you want.

The water beads will hide the lights from view so you won’t see the lights themselves, just the lovely glow of the different colours.

Continue the process for all the jars, then add to a wooden slice and cover in fake spider web material and plastic spiders for the ultimate creepy Halloween centrepiece.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial on howto use water beads to make spooky Halloween centerpiece.

I really like how they look when they’ve got the lights in them to light them up and of course the vinyl on the outside really adds to that Halloween vibe.

Happy crafting,
Sarah x