Filigree Fall Card with Pumpkins Decoupage

Make a gorgeous handmade card for fall with this filigree background to cut with a Cricut machine, plus a free pumpkin decoupage printable to go in the middle.

This card is covered in beautiful orange colours and pretty autumnal leaves.

Keep reading to get the free cutting files…

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Make a gorgeous pumpkin card for Fall

I really enjoy making handmade cards, but it’s even BETTER when my Cricut does all the hard work for me!

I’ve always loved the effect of decoupage, which is where you build up an image using layers and 3D foam pads to create a dimensional effect, however I HATED having to cut all those layers out!

But now… problem solved! For this card, my Cricut cut all the leaves and pumpkins out, so all I had to do was to stick it together. Magic!

Here’s how to turn the free card making printables from this website into print-then-cut images that your Cricut will cut perfectly, every time.

Make a handmade card for Fall

Video tutorial for this project

Watch this video to see how to cut and assemble the filigree pumpkin card base, PLUS how to turn the free decoupage printable into a print-then-cut image so that you Cricut can do all the hard work for you!

A full written tutorial, along with links to the free files, is available further down on this page.

Materials list making Fall cards with Cricut

Download the Free Cutting File

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Filigree pumpkins handmade card

How to make filigree pumpkins card with a Cricut

Here is the step-by-step tutorial on how to make this card with your Cricut machine.

Step 1) Load in the free SVG

Load the free SVG into Design Space and resize it to fit your card.

Load in the free SVG

Step 2) Upload the free decoupage printable

Go to “Upload” and upload the decoupage printable.

Load in the print-then-cut image

We need to erase all of the white on the image so that your Cricut will cut around the individual pumpkin pictures.

Choose the magic wand tool and then click on the white background to remove it. You’ll know when it’s removed because the background will get a checkerboard effect which means that it is transparent.

Use the magic wand tool to delete the background

Next, select the eraser tool on the top left and erase all of the top/bottom branding so that it looks like this:

Design Space eraser tool

Choose the magic wand tool again and click into the red border around the square image to remove it.

When I did this, it left a few pixels of red around each of the corners, so I had to zoom in, select the eraser tool and manually erase the little bits that were left.

When your printable looks like this, it’s ready to continue:

Printable ready to insert

Save it as a “print then cut” image and then insert it into your project.

Step 3) Resize the decoupage printable

When it’s loaded into your project, resize the printable so that the square picture fits inside the inner square on the filigree card base.

Resize the decoupage to fit inside your card shape

Step 4) Prepare the print-then-cut image

If you see a warning triangle in your layers panel on the decoupage layer, it means your image is too big for print-then-cut.

Design Space warning triangle

If this is the case, draw some rectangles over the bottom half of the printable.

Draw rectangles to cover the bottom half of the design

When you’ve covered the bottom images, select all of the rectangles you’ve used and click “Weld” to join them together.

Weld the rectangles together

Next, select your welded rectangles and the decoupage layer and click “Slice”.

Delete the first two grey rectangle “Slice results” and you’ll be left with the decoupage printable which has now been split into two:

Slice the decoupage sheet in two

Step 5) Print and cut everything out

Click “Make It” and follow the steps to cut the filigree card and print-then-cut the decoupage sheet.

Here is a video which walks through how to print and cut on a Cricut:

Step 6) Assemble the base card

Glue the large solid square to the front of your card base.

Put foam pads on the back of the filigree cutout piece and stick that on top of the other square.

TIP: Put some foam pads in the middle of the card and down the edges to ensure it doesn’t sag in the middle.

Assemble the base card

7) Assemble the decoupage layers

Stick the square pumpkin image into the middle of your card using double-sided tape.

Stick on the square image

Build up the decoupage layers by putting foam pads on the back of each layer and sticking them on to the design in size order (stick the largest layers on first).

Build up the decoupage layers

When you’re done, you’ll be left with a lovely 3D effect to the pumpkins that really makes them appear to “jump” off of the page.

The completed card

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make this beautiful fall themed card with your Cricut machine.

If you missed the links to the free SVG and printable, scroll up this post to find the links.

Sarah with Halloween pumpkins card

Happy crafting,
Sarah x