How to Make DIY Vinyl Nail Decals with a Cricut

Learn how to make your own nail decals using your Cricut machine in this fun Design Space tutorial.

Decorate your nails for Halloween or use this technique for awesome DIY vinyl nail stickers for ANY occasion.

DIY Nail decals with a Cricut machine

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How to make DIY nail art for Halloween

Watch this video to find out how to design DIY nail art in Design Space and then apply it to your nails.

How to make vinyl nail stickers

Step 1) Measure your nails

Measure your nails so that you know what size each decal design needs to be.

Make sure you leave a little bit of space either side so that the vinyl sticker doesn’t touch your skin on the sides of the nail.

Measure your nails

Step 2) Create your nail art designs

Select your images in Design Space and resize them to the measurements of your nails.

You need to choose simple images that will be easy for your Cricut to cut out at such small sizes.

If your image has detail in it that you think will be too small, use the Contour tool to remove the details to give a simpler shape.

Duplicate the designs for your other hand (or use different images for the other hand!)

If you want to, you can use the “Flip” button to create a mirror image of all the designs for your other hand.

Create nail decal designs

Step 3) Paint your nails

Paint your nails at least a couple of hours before applying the decals, but ideally the day before so that they are properly dry and hard.

I used a transparent base coat and then a deep blue shimmer-effect nail polish.

Paint your nails

Step 4) Weed your nail art vinyl designs

Remove all of the excess vinyl from your decals.

You might need to use a weeding tool to hold the designs in place as you peel the excess vinyl away.

Weed your nail art

Step 5) Apply your nail art decals

Carefully pick up each decal, one at a time, and stick them to your nails.

I used a weeding tool to transfer each decal to my nails.

Press down firmly to make sure the artwork is stuck really well to your nail.

Apply nail decals

Step 6) Seal with clear nail polish

Add one or two coats of clear nail polish to help keep the decals stuck to your nails.

My nail art stayed on for around 3-4 days before some of the edges started peeling up.

After that, I applied a new coat of clear polish and then they lasted a few more days after that!

Halloween nail stickers

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make your nail decals.

If you make your own, I’d love to see a photo! Why not upload one to my Cricut Facebook group?

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Halloween Nail Decals

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Happy crafting,
Sarah x