DIY Glitter Ornaments: The EASIEST Way to Glitter Ornaments

DIY Glitter Ornaments: The EASIEST Way to Glitter Ornaments

Searching for the best way to make DIY glitter ornaments? Try this method for easy and full glitter coverage with NO drying time!

Welcome to Day 15 of the Christmas Craft Countdown, where I’m revealing a new Christmas craft project every day for 20 days.

For today’s project we will be glittering the inside of Christmas tree ornaments using my super amazing, easy, quick drying method!

Then, we’ll turn the ornament into a beautiful unicorn Christmas decoration using vinyl, craft foam and flowers.

This project is part of 2021's Christmas Craft Countdown.

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How to make a DIY glitter ornament

Watch the video below to see how to make a DIY glitter ornament. Keep scrolling for a written tutorial.

This video was recorded using Design Space version 6.16.124. Later versions of Design Space may look different.

Materials list to make a unicorn Christmas decoration

Here is a list of the materials that I used to make this project:

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How to make a glitter unicorn ornament for Christmas

Step 1) Download the file & unzip the downloaded folder

Download the unicorn SVG file using the box below.

Use the box below to download the cutting files for this project. Please note that this is not a free file.

It is part of the Christmas Craft Countdown which is a collection of 20 exclusive Christmas themed craft projects.

This design is part of the 2021 Christmas Craft Countdown.

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Before you upload the SVG to Design Space, you need to unzip the download folder that it comes in.

Step 2) Glitter the bauble

Remove the top stopper from the bauble. Place the hairspray nozzle over the hole and spray for about 5 seconds.

Spray hairspray into the ornament

I like maximum hold or firm hold hairspray and this should be the type of hairspray that turns to liquid when you spray it so that the liquid will “pool” in the bottle of the ornament.

Swirl the hairspray around the ornament, making sure to cover every part of it.

Drain the excess onto some kitchen towel for around 10 seconds.

Drain the excess hairspray

Pour glitter into the top and swirl it around to stick to the hairspray.

Pour in the glitter

Once all the areas are covered, pour out any excess glitter.

Glittered bauble

The hairspray will dry as soon as the glitter touches it, but I still like to leave mine with the top off for 24 hours before adding it on, just as an extra precaution.

Step 3) Cut the unicorn face

Measure the front of the ornament.

Measure the ornament

Open the unicorn face SVG in Cricut Design Space.

Go into “Shapes” and choose a circle. Make it the size of the ornament that you just measured.

Create a circle

Resize the unicorn face so that it is the size you want it to appear by using the circle as a template.

Resize the unicorn face

Delete the circle and go to “Make It”.

Cut the unicorn facial features from adhesive vinyl and the horn, ears and mane from foam or felt.

Not cut foam on a Cricut before? Here’s how to cut craft foam on a Cricut machine

Don’t want to cut the foam on a Cricut? No worries! The download folder contains a PNG version of the file which can be printed on a regular printer and used as a template. Simply cut out the shapes from paper and use them to draw around on the foam, then use scissors to cut the foam to size.

Cut out with foam and vinyl

Step 4) Add the vinyl to the unicorn bauble

Clean the front of the bauble with an alcohol wipe to remove any dirt or fingerprints.

Let it dry completely before adding the vinyl.

Apply the vinyl to the front of your bauble.

Stick the vinyl to the front

I wasn’t happy with how the nose section looked as the vinyl was wrinkling on the edge of the ornament, so I ended up removing it at the end.

Step 5) Add the foam pieces

Use a glue gun to stick the ears, horn and mane to the bauble.

Stick the foam with a glue gun

Step 6) Add the flowers

Use a glue gun to stick small flowers or embellishments around the ears and mane to make a flower crown.

Finally, thread some ribbon through the hook in the top so that the glitter ornament can be hung on a Christmas tree.

Glitter unicorn ornament

Want more glitter ornament templates

I have four other designs available for matching glitter ornaments: a dog, cat, reindeer and llama.

These are all available inside Craft Clubhouse, my digital membership for Cricut crafters.

Animal glitter ornaments

You can also purchase the designs individually from my SVG shop.

I hope that you like these ornaments, and that you enjoy making your own glitter ornaments with hairspray!

This project is part of 2021's Christmas Craft Countdown.

View all 20 craft projects!

Happy crafting,
Sarah x