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Design Cut & Fold Cards in Cricut Design Space

Design your own pop out cards with this fun “cut & fold” technique.

The Offset tool in Cricut Design Space is used to make the pop out effect which folds flat for posting.

I’ll show you how to choose the perfect images for your card and then how to transform them into a greeting card. Although I chose to make a card with pumpkins, you can choose any image for any occasion!

How to design Cut & Fold cards

Watch the video to see how quick and simple it is to design these cards. In fact, it might take longer to choose the image you want to use than it does to turn it into a pop out card 😀

(Note: I called these “cut & tuck” cards in the video… but that was wrong! I should have said “cut & fold” – whoops!)

DIY Pop Out cards in Cricut Design Space

Here’s how to design your own cut & fold pop out cards in Cricut Design Space.

Step 1: Choose your image

Choose the image that you want to use for your cut & fold card.

You want to select a one-colour image that’s fairly simple in appearance and only one layer.

To help find an image, tick the filter boxes on the left of the screen to only show cut images and one-layer images.

Cricut Access Images

Step 2: Edit the image if needed

We want the cut image to be fairly simple in nature without any “small” pieces that might not cut properly.

We will be cutting the image in half to make it perfectly symmetrical, so cut of any pieces that won’t make this possible.

For my pumpkin, this means that the stalk had to go!

Go into “Shapes” and choose a circle.

Design Space Shapes Icon

Place it over the stalk on the pumpkin.

Circle over pumpkin

Drag a box around both the circle and pumpkin to select both layers, then press “Slice”.

Design Space Slice Icon

This will cut the stalk off the pumpkin and create several “slice result” layers.

Slice results

Delete the remaining parts of the circle until you are left with something like this:

Sliced pumpkin

Step 3: Create an outline for the image

Click the pumpkin image layer and click “Offset”.

Type 0.05 into the offest box and click “Apply”.

Create a small offset

Select the offset layer and the pumpkin layer and click “Slice”.

Design Space Slice Icon

This has cut the original pumpkin out of the offset layer.

Delete the two slice result layers that are still “filled in” until you just have the outline layer left.

Keep the outline layer

Step 4: Make the image symmetrical

Next we need to make our pumpkin outline symmetrical so it will look better as a cut & fold card.

Go into “Shapes” and choose a square.

Position it half-way across the outline layer.

Add a rectangle

Select both layers and click “Slice”.

Delete the square slice result layers and one half of the pumpkin.

Keep one half of the pumpkin

Click the remaining piece of pumpkin and Duplicate it to make a copy.

Design Space Duplicate Icon

Click into the “Flip” button and then “Flip Horizontal”.

Move the flipped layer until it is next to the original one. You MUST leave a gap in the middle between them.

Position the layers

Step 5: Add score lines

Next we are going to add score lines to each side of the pumpkin to make it easier to fold the edges upwards.

If you don’t have a scoring wheel or stylus for your Cricut, skip this step.

Go into Shapes and choose a Score Line.

Drag it to the same height as the edge of the pumpkin and use it to “join” the top and bottom.

Do the same thing for the other side of the pumpkin.

Add two score lines

Click “Select All” to select all of the layers.

Design Space Select All

Click “Group” to put all the layers into a group.

Design Space Group Icon

Next, click the little eye icon next to the group heading in the layers panel to hide it from view. We’ll come back to it later.

Hide the group

Step 6: Create the card layers

I am using a 5×7 inch pre-made card blank for my card, as I have LOADS of them in craft stash that need using!

Therefore, I’m only going to add the “layers” in Design Space and not the card blank itself.

If you’d like to cut your card blank/base with your Cricut, check out this tutorial for how to create one.

Create three rectangles, each slightly smaller than the last.

Click “Align” and then “Center” to put them in the middle of each other.

Design Space Align Icon

Create three rectangles

Step 7: Position the pumpkins

Click the eye icon on the pumpkins group to put it back on the Canvas.

Click “Arrange” and “Send to front” to move it to the front of the card layers.

Design Space Arrange Icon

Position it where you want it to go. If you want a second pumpkin cut out, Duplicate the group and move that down to nearer the bottom of the card.

Add the pumpkin group to the rectangles

Click one of the pumpkin groups, press Shift on your keyboard and choose the other, then Group them.

Duplicate this new group to make a copy, then go to “Align” > “Center” to position them one-on-top the other. Drag them back into position on the card.

Add a second pumpkin

Delete the pumpkin stalks on one of the groups as we only need to cut them once.

Hide the pumpkin group that still has the stalks.

Attach the pumpkins

Select the remaining visible pumpkin group and the MIDDLE rectangle and press “Attach”.

This tells the Cricut that we want it to cut the pumpkins and do the score lines on this rectangle.

You MIGHT find that the pumpkin edges “disappear” after you click Attach. If that happens, don’t worry – this is a Design Space bug, but your layers are still there and will cut.

Hidden attached layers

Click the eye icon on the layers panel next to the “Attached” selection of layers and then turn back on the other pumpkins layer and the front rectangle.

Click the pumpkin group and “Ungroup” it.

Design Space Ungroup Icon

Select the score line layers, pumpkin outlines and the top rectangle and press “Attach”. Do NOT attach the pumpkin stalks – we want them to cut separately.

Top rectangle layer

Step 8: Cut out the layers

Save your project and then click “Make it”.

Follow the on-screen instructions to cut out all the layers.

Step 9: Make the cut and fold cards

Start by sticking the bottom rectangle to your base card.

Stick the first layer to your card

Next, take the middle rectangle and fold up the sides of the pumpkin along the score lines.

Stick this to the card.

Stick the second layer

Fold up the pumpkin edges on the smallest rectangle and stick this over the middle one.

Glue the third layer

Finally, glue the stalks to the top of the pumpkins.

Pumpkins stalks

And that’s all there is to it!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make cut & fold cards in Cricut Design Space.

Here is a similar card I made using butterfly images instead of pumpkins:

Pop out card with Nuvo Shimmer Powders

If you’d like to make more Halloween projects, check out my free SVGs – there are loads to choose from and new designs are added regularly!

Happy crafting,
Sarah x