Steal my BEST Card Making Hack for Better Handmade Cards

Steal my BEST Card Making Hack for Better Handmade Cards

Steal my BEST card making hack for making handmade greetings cards look perfectly finished AND super special!

If you’re like me and you struggle to stick things perfectly straight on your handmade cards, you NEED to know these hacks to get your cards looking perfect, even if you’ve stuck things on a little bit wonky.

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What is my top card making tip?

Sometimes when you finish making a homemade card, you might be super happy with it but think it might need a little something “extra” to truly make it shine.

I get that too, and whenever I have that problem you know what I use?


Large collection of peel-off border stickers

As you can see, I’m a little bit obsessed and have LOTS to choose from.

But what are border peel-offs?

Well, quite simply, they’re stickers which you can stick along your card to create shiny pretty borders.

They are so quick and easy to use, but they TRANSFORM your card into something really special.

Buy border peel-offs here

My second TOP CARD MAKING TIP for better cards…

My second magic weapon to finish up handmade cards is sticky-back gemstones.

These are quite similar in that they’re stick on the bottom and flat-backed, so they’re REALLY easy to add on to a card.

You can use them to “hide” the join in the corners where the two sides of peel-off sticker meet each other.

They also give some 3D-ness to your card as the pop out of the card to create a lovely sparkly effect.

Sticky back gemstones for card making

Sticky-back gemstones come in all different sizes, shapes and colours.

Best of all, they are really affordable and you get LOADS on a sheet, so they last a long time too – brilliant! šŸ™‚

Buy sticky-back gemstones here

VIDEO: My FAVOURITE Card Making Hack (& it’s SO Easy!)

Watch the video to find out how I use border peel-off stickers and sticky gemstones to TRANSFORM my cards (and hide any bits of card that I haven’t stuck on straight!)

Want to get the teddy bear printable I used for my card? Find it here

How to use border peel-off stickers & gemstones

Here are some of my best tips for using peel-off stickers and sticky-back gemstones on your handmade cards.

Materials used:

1) Choose border peel-offs that match your card design

I’m using gold stickers for this teddy bear card to match the yellows and browns in the design.

Gold peel-off stickers with teddy bear card

2) Start adding the peel-offs

Peel on piece of the border from the backing paper and stick one corner of it to your card.

Allow the rest of the sticker to fall gently into position, then make sure it’s positioned correctly before pressing it down firmly to stick it to your card.

Top tip: Don’t pull or stretch the peel-off or it may warp out of shape or even snap into two pieces.

How to add a border sticker to a handmade card

3) Keep adding peel-offs to each edge of the card

You can use as little or as many border peel-offs as you like.

For this teddy card, I put the stickers along every bit of coloured card on the page and along the edge of the printed teddy topper.

Top tip! If you’ve stuck your paper on a bit lop-sided, use the border peel-offs to “fake” them straight by placing them at a slight angle to hide the fact that your papers are a bit wonky! I use this on pretty much every card I make as I am RUBBISH at sticking things straight!

You can see how this card is already looking so much more exciting than it was at the start of this process!

Complete borders covered in peel off stickers

4) Choose your gemstones

Next we will be adding gemstones to each of the corners where the border peel-offs meet.

Choose gemstones that match the colour of the border peel-offs, or that match the colours on the card itself.

Choosing gemstones for a handmade card project

5) Add the gemstones onto your card

Use your fingernails to carefully pick up the gemstones on-at-a-time and stick them to the corners on the card where the border peeloff stickers meet.

We are using the gemstones to sneakily hide those messy corners BUT it’s actually a GREAT thing to do visually as it brings bling, sparkly and 3D-ness to your card too!

Attaching sticky gemstones to a card project

6) Sit back and admire your work!

Isn’t this card just TRANSFORMED from how it looked before?

I LOVE adding border peel-offs and gemstones to cards as it really “uplevels” them into something spectacular.

Finished teddy bear handmade card with border peel-off stickers and gemstones added

Happy crafting,
Sarah x