Vintage Poinsettia Star Pyramid

Poinsettia star pyramid card making download - free printable

Updated on February 3rd, 2019

Happy December! Today is Day 1 of my “Crafty Advent Calendar” where I’ll be releasing one new FREE craft printable every day for 25 days.

Today’s freebie is a lovely craft sheet of vintage poinsettias cut into a star shape.

I really enjoyed making this project as the star pyramid topper is so versatile. It’s also quick to make – I put together the two cards you can see in the image about within about 30 minutes.

I hope you like it too =)

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Vintage Poinsettias Star Pyramid Card Instructions

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You will need…

Make this easy Christmas poinsettias card

Step 1: Print the craft sheet

Print the Christmas poinsettias craft sheet onto photo paper or card.

I use Crafty Bob Glossy Paper which is a special type of paper designed for greetings cards and crafts.

I like to use this paper because the printer ink dries instantly and is smudge-proof straight after printing, so you can use the printed sheet straight away.

If you aren’t a fan of the glossy shiny look to your printouts then the paper is available in matte too.

Step 2: Backing paper

Cut a piece of backing paper to 5×5 inches in size.

I used a vintage floral design which matches the deep greens in the background of the star pyramid.

Stick the backing paper to your card front using double sided tape.

Vintage poinsettias handmade card: Step 2


Step 3: Add peel-off stickers

Decorate the edge of the backing paper using gold peel-off stickers.

It’s easier to add the stickers now before the 3D star pyramid is added to the card front.

I used oval decorative border around three of the edges and a more detailed Christmas bauble design down the left side.

I finished the corners with a green flat-backed gemstones.

Vintage poinsettias handmade card: Step 3

Step 4: Assemble the star pyramid

Choose whether you would like to make the large or small version of the star pyramid and cut out all the layers for the one that you choose.

For this card in this tutorial I used the large star pyramid.

Assemble the star pyramid by sticking the layers on top of one another (largest at the bottom, smallest at the top) using 3D foam pads.

This will create a wonderful 3D effect on the star.

Vintage poinsettias handmade card: Step 4

Step 5: Stick the star pyramid on to your card

Use double sided tape to attach the star pyramid to the center of your card.

Make sure to use plenty of tape as the pyramid is a little bit heavy and you don’t want it falling off!

Vintage poinsettias handmade card: Step 5

Step 6: Add the final decorations

Now is your chance to get really creative and make your card even more Christmassy!

I used matching green flat-backed gemstones on the backing paper and a gold “Happy Christmas” peel-off sticker in the bottom left.

Finally, I added a poinsettia card topper to the top right top finish off my card.

Make your own vintage poinsettias Christmas card with this free card making printable and full photo tutorial. Vintage poinsettias are a perfect theme for your handmade Christmas cards. Star pyramids are a simply yet effective card making technique. The star theme makes them extra-perfect for Christmas cards!


Get the free printable to make this vintage poinsettia flowers handmade Christmas card:

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