How to Make Custom Retro Sunset T-Shirts in Cricut Design Space

How to Make Custom Retro Sunset T-Shirts in Cricut Design Space

Have you been seeing retro sunset t-shirt designs EVERYWHERE and wondering if you could design your own?

Well… you can! ?

These retro sunset / vintage sunset t-shirts are SO popular at the moment.

I have seen all sorts of designs, from dinosaurs to French bulldogs; popular destinations and states to lovely messages for Father’s Day.

Retro sunset tshirt design with dinosaur

Of course, being a crafter armed with my lovely Cricut machine… I didn’t want to simply buy a premade t-shirt… I wanted to make my own!

I’m sure you get that feeling too, am I right? ?

After a couple of hours of experimenting, I finally cracked how to make vintage sunset t-shirt designs directly in Cricut Design Space.

It even includes a super-easy way to add a grunge/distress effect to your vinyl that ISN’T an absolute nightmare to weed!

Here’s how to do it…

VIDEO: How to design retro sunsets in Design Space

Got questions about anything in this tutorial? Leave a comment at the bottom of this page. I’m always happy to help!

Vintage sunset Cricut tutorial

This video walks you through the WHOLE process of creating a retro sunset design, including:

  • Creating the circle shape
  • Adding a grunge/distressed effect (& importantly, when you should skip this step)
  • Slicing out your image (I chose a dinosaur but it could be anything!)
  • Slicing the circle into perfectly even sized sections (as many as you want!)
  • Re-colouring each section to make the “rainbow” effect
  • Removing the bottom section to make it flat at the bottom (this is optional)
  • Adding text at the bottom (again, this is optional)

Grunge/splatter images used

Here are the links to the two splatter images shown in the video:

I hope you enjoyed watching this video tutorial. Check out my other Design Space tutorials for more fun things you can design!

Happy crafting,
Sarah x


  • haleigh says:

    I loved yout video & was super helpful but im a bit confused on how to print/ applying it. Do you use it as a print&cut? Or use infused ink? Im just so confused with this step. Thank you

    • Craft with Sarah says:

      As it’s not too many colours, I would probably use different colours of HTV and then layer them on the t-shirt. You could use a printable vinyl through. I think it would be difficult to make with infusible ink.

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