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Penguin Shaped Card



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About 'Penguin Shaped Card'

For today's project I'm trying something different by crafting a shaped card of a cute little Christmas penguin.

Cute Penguin Shaped Card

You will need...

  • Free penguin shaped card templates
  • Normal printer paper to print on
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • 2 A4 sheets of black card
  • White card or paper
  • Gold card or paper
  • Googly eyes
  • Double sided tape

Make this adorable handmade penguin Christmas card

Step 1: Print the template sheets & cut out the shapes

Print the two shaped card templates which you can download using the button at the top of this page.

Normal printer paper is fine for this as we will be drawing around the shapes onto other paper/card.

Cut out all the shapes on the two template sheets.

Penguin shaped card: Step 1

Step 2: Assemble the penguin's body

Use a pencil to draw around the "Card", "Back" and "Front" template sections onto black card and then cut them out.

Fold the "Card" shape along the centre to create your card base.

Use double sided tape to attach the "Front" and "Back" pieces to your main card.

You might need to trim around the shapes if some of the base card is showing on the edges as it may not line up exactly depending on how you have cut out the shapes. I had to trim some of the base card around the penguin's feet when I made my card.

Penguin shaped card: Step 2

Step 3: Create the penguin's white tummy

Draw around the "Tummy" template section onto white paper or card.

I used a scrap of pretty white embossed paper that I found in my card stash which gave a lovely depth to the card. From a distance it even looks like feathers!

Stick the tummy on to the front of the penguin using double sided tape.

Penguin shaped card: Step 3

Step 4: Add the beak and feet

Draw around the "Beak" and "Feet" template sections onto gold paper or card.

I used gold corrugated card to add a bit of depth to the penguin.

Stick the shapes to the penguin card using either double sided tape or 3D foam pads.

Penguin shaped card: Step 4

Step 5: Add the eyes

Stick two googly eyes to the penguin's face just above the beak.

At this point I decided to draw a little line of black pen around the edge of the belly to tie the colours together a litle better but that's optional depending on your personal preferences.

Penguin shaped card: Step 5

Step 6: Add the insert

The last step is to draw around the "Insert" template piece onto white card and stick it inside the penguin.

This will make it easier for you to write the message to your recipient as it's hard to find pens that write visibly on black card.

Penguin shaped card: Step 6

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