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Free Unicorn Door Hanger to Color



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About 'Free Unicorn Door Hanger to Color'

Let your kids bling up their bedroom door with this cute unicorn door hanger to colour in.

Are your kids spending more time in their rooms than usual at the moment?

With the current pandemic situation meaning that we can't go out and enjoy our usual out-the-house activities, you might find that your kids are looking for a little bit of independence in their bedrooms.

This double-sided unicorn door hanger is a great way for them to let you know if they are happy for you to come in, or if they'd rather be left alone for a while.

And the best part is... they get to colour it in to make it truly unique and special for their bedroom!

Free Unicorn Coloring Door Hanger

The front of the door hanger says "Come in" and the back says "Keep out".

To assemble the door hanger, print it out, colour it in and then cut around the edge.

Don't cut down the middle of the hangers where the front and back meet each other - that's your fold line.

Fold down that middle line and then use prit-stick or other kid-friendly craft glue to stick the two sides together to make your double-sided unicorn door hanger.

Let your kids bling up their bedroom door with this cute unicorn door hanger to colour in. Unicorn coloring page door hanger printable activity for kids.

To make your door hanger last longer, cut it out and then mount it onto coloured card before you stick the two sides together to make it more sturdy.

You could even laminate it to make it waterproof!

Laminators can be purchased fairly inexpensively these days. You can use them in a wide range of craft projects, so they might be a well-worth it investment if your kids love to craft!

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Coloring pages are a great rainy-day activity for kids and will keep them entertained as they pick out the best unicorn colors for their door hanger designs.

If your children love unicorns, check out my HUGE collection of unicorn crafts for kids, as well as my free unicorn printables as there are so many different projects to enjoy.

I think these unicorn door hangers would be a fun project to do for a children's party or sleepover.

Print a few copies out so that each child has their own door hanger to color, then give them a collection of colored pencils, pens and maybe even some glitter or sequins so that they can make their door hangers come to life.

You could even perhaps have prizes for the best decorated door hanger?

Craft activities at birthday parties are an extra-good plan as it means you don't need to worry about party bags.

Each guest will have their very own, 100% personalized unicorn bookmark to take away instead, that they are sure to treasure for a long time.

If you're looking for unicorn slumber party activities, you might also be interested in these:

You'll have so many fun unicorn crafts & games to play that you might even run out of time to do them all!

Just in case you need some more though, here are some fun unicorn crafts to buy:

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