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Fall Leaves Painting Craft for Kids


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About 'Fall Leaves Painting Craft for Kids'

Looking for easy fall crafts to make with your kids this autumn?

Well, your search is over with this simple painting craft that your kids will LOVE!

Simply print out the FREE leaf template, cut out the shapes to make a stencil and then paint your vibrant fall leaves with red, yellow and orange paint.

PLUS - learn how to do cotton wool painting with this easy fall craft for kids.

How to make fall art for kids

Watch the video below to find out how to make this colourful fall craft for kids.

Fall leaves painting tutorial

Prefer to read instructions rather than watch a video? Not a problem!

Follow the tutorial below to discover how to paint these stenciled leaves using cotton wool instead of a paintbrush.

Don't have any cotton wool? Try finger painting or use regular paintbrushes instead.

Step 1: Create your leaf stencil

Print out the free fall leaves printable on to normal printer paper.

Cut out all of the white shapes inside of the leaves.

Fall craft for kids | Fall leaves painting step 1

You can do this with scissors or a craft knife, but I find the easiest way is with a rotating blade craft knife.

Modelcraft Swivel Craft Knife - Pen Style 360° Cutter with 2 Spare Blades
  • Blade rotates 360 degrees, perfect for intricate cutting of curves and circles
  • Ideal for modelling, art and crafts
  • Easily cuts card, paper, film, stencils, thin foam, vellum, acetate
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  • Includes safety cap with pocket clip and two spare blades

These special craft knifes make it SO EASY to cut out stencils - I wouldn't be without mine, I use it ALL the time.

Step 2: Prep your work surface

Use masking tape to secure an A4 piece of black card to your work surface.

Fall craft for kids | Fall leaves painting step 2

If you're painting with kids then you'll want to protect your work surface first so that it doesn't get paint all over it!

Place the stencil template on top of the black card and use more tape to secure it.

Put tape around all four edges to the template won't move - if you just put it on two edges (like I did, oops!) then it can bend and shift during painting.

Fall craft for kids | Fall leaves painting step 3

Step 3: Make your 'paintbrushes' & get the paint

Pour out three colours of poster paint into a palette.

If you're going for an autumnal look like I did, you'll want red, orange and yellow.

Fall craft for kids | Fall leaves painting step 4

To make the paint brushes, take one clothes peg for each of your paint colours and clip it to a cotton wool ball.

This makes a "dabber" that your kids can easily grab hold of to paint with.

Fall craft for kids | Fall leaves painting step 5

Pro tip: Painting with cotton wool means no brushes to clean when you're finished! Simply hold the pegs over the bin and release the cotton wool for a no-mess cleanup.

Step 4: Paint the fall leaves

Dip the cotton wool dabbers into the paint colours and then press onto the holes in the stencil to 'colour in' the leaf silhouettes.

Fall craft for kids | Fall leaves painting step 6

Use a range of colours to create a pretty marbled effect.

Fall craft for kids | Fall leaves painting step 7

Be sure to fill in all the shapes and don't leave any gaps!

Fall craft for kids | Fall leaves painting step 8

Step 5: Sprinkle on some gold glitter

For that extra-special sparkle, sprinkle some gold or copper coloured glitter over the paint when it is still wet.

The glitter will stick to the paint to create a magical appearance to your leaves.

Fall craft for kids | Fall leaves painting step 9

Step 6: Wait to try then remove the template

You don't want to risk smudging your artwork, so wait for the paint to dry fully before removing the template.

When it's all dry, carefully peel off the masking tape on the stencil.

Slowly peel off the stencil to reveal the finished fall leaves art craft underneath.

Fall craft for kids | Fall leaves painting step 10

There you have it - an easy fall painting craft for kids.

Fall craft painting for kids. Get your kids in the mood for fall with this fun cotton wool painting craft.

Kids will love playing about with paints and glitter to make this fall leaf art project.

PLUS there is added novelty of painting with cotton wool which is something a bit more different and exciting than using paintbrushes.

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