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Beaded Christmas Tree Card Stitching


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About 'Beaded Christmas Tree Card Stitching'

For this project we are doing something a little bit different and sewing onto our card!

Card stitching (also known as paper embroidery) is one of my favourite card making techniques because the cards end up looking so delicate and pretty.

This card is a little more time-intensive than my usual card making projects but it's very simple to make.

Beaded Christmas Tree Paper Embroidery

You will need...

How to make your own beaded Christmas tree card stitching card

Step 1: Prick the holes

Print the template sheet onto normal printer paper and roughly cut around the edge of the pricking pattern.

Open up your card blank and place it on your pricking mat.

Put the pricking pattern onto the front of your card and use your pricking tool to go through all of the black dots, piercing the card underneath.

If you are worried about the pattern slipping as you work then you can use a small piece of masking tape to temporarily tape the pattern to your card to stop it moving.

Remove the pricking pattern once you've finished creating the holes.

Card stitching instructions: Pricking pattern

Step 2: Prepare for stitching

Cut a length of green embroidery thread and then separate off one strand.

Thread it onto your embroidery needle and then pass the needle through the hole at the top of the tree (Marked "A" on the template) and pull it through the card until there is only a small piece of thread left on the inside of the card.

Use a small piece of sticky tape to stick the end of the thread to your card.

Make sure you don't cover up any of the holes with your tape as that would make it difficult to complete the card stitching.

Card stitching instructions: Starting the embroidery

Step 3: Complete the green stitching

Turn the card over so you can see the front.

Complete the green Christmas tree stitching following the directions on the printable template.

For each line of green you will need to thread seed beads onto the thread.

When I was making the card I found that the beads wouldn't fit over my needle, so I had to un-thread it each time, put the beads onto the thread and then re-thread my needle.

Use the template as a guide for how many beads to place on each strand of the Christmas tree.

Card stitching instructions: Star the stitching

If you get to the end of your thread then just use another bit of tape to secure the last bit of thread to the inside of your card, as shown below.

Card stitching instructions: Securing your thread ends

When all of the Christmas tree strands have been stitched, your card should look something like this:

Card stitching instructions: Christmas tree

Step 4: Add the tinsel

Change to red thread (or whatever colour you want your tinsel to be) and complete the tinsel stitching following the instructions on the template.

You will need to move the seed beads around on the green thread into position so that when you add the bottom lines of tinsel it "traps" the beads into position.

Card stitching instructions: Securing seed beads with embroidery thread

Follow the guides on the template to complete the tinsel stitching as shown:

Card stitching instructions: Tinsel on the Christmas tree

Step 5: Stitch the Christmas tree's star

Change your needle to yellow embroidery thread and stitch the star on top of the tree.

Card stitching instructions: Stitching the star on top of the Christmas tree

Step 6: Stitch the Christmas tree trunk

Thread your needle with brown embroidery thread and stitch the trunk of the Christmas tree following the guide on the template.

Card stitching instructions: Christmas tree trunk

Step 7: Tidy up the inside of your card

The paper embroidery is now finished, but the inside of our card is looking quite untidy!

Card stitching instructions: The inside of your card will look messy when you have finished the embroidery

To finish off the card, cut a piece of white card slightly smaller than the inside of your card and use double-sided tape to stick it securely on top of the inside-left of your card to hide the back of the stitching.

Card stitching instructions: Add an insert to hide the back of your stitching

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