Funny Vampire Halloween Joke Card

Published on October 7th, 2019

Here’s a funny vampire joke card to make your friends and family laugh this Halloween.

What’s a vampire’s favourite fruit???

NECKtarines! 😆 😂

Vampire joke card printable card kit

Download the card making kit at the bottom of this page to get your two-page kit.

Want the free printable? Scroll to the bottom of this post to download it!

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The zip folder contains two sheets for making your handmade card.

The first contains the front of your card which has the start of the joke and also the inside of the card with the punchline.

The second sheet has decoupage layers for the front of the card, as well as three “Happy Halloween” sentiments and three vampire badges for decoration.

Halloween vampire card kit. Decoupage and card fronts.

How to make a joke card

1) Print the two joke card printables onto photo paper or card.

Need a new printer for printing out top-quality craft printables? I have this one and it’s BRILLIANT!

2) Cut out all of the elements on both sheets of paper.

If you’re having trouble cutting out some of the smaller pieces then try using a pair of decoupage scissors.

They make it much easier to cut out small pieces of card.

Westcott E-30440 00 4 inch Titanium Nitride Bonded Super Soft Grip Scissor, straight - Grey/Yellow
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If you find small scissors difficult to grip then rotating blade craft knifes are another great choice for cutting decoupage layers.

Modelcraft Swivel Craft Knife - Pen Style 360° Cutter with 2 Spare Blades
  • Blade rotates 360 degrees, perfect for intricate cutting of curves and circles
  • Ideal for modelling, art and crafts
  • Easily cuts card, paper, film, stencils, thin foam, vellum, acetate
  • Features pen style handle with soft rubber grip for comfort and precision
  • Includes safety cap with pocket clip and two spare blades

3) Take the front design of the joke card (What’s a vampire’s favourite fruit?) and stick it to the front of your card.

Front of Halloween joke card

4) Take the inside design of the joke card (NECKtarines) to the inside of your card.

Inside of the Halloween vampire joke card

5) Decoupage the layers onto the front of your card using foam pads to create a three-dimensional look.

You can see from the angle of the photo below how the foam pads create the 3D effect to the card.

Vampire decoupage

6) Decorate your handmade card however you like!

I stuck a “Happy Halloween” sentiment inside the card and also know of the vampire badges.

For the front of the card, I added some tiny little silver stars for a bit of glitz and glamour.

Give the gift of laughter this Halloween

When you gift this card to someone, they will read the joke on the front of the card and then open it up to discover the hilarious punchline inside.

You’ll love making your friends and family laugh this Halloween with this funny vampire joke card.

Happy crafting,

Sarah x

Vampire joke card printable. Here's a funny vampire joke card to make your friends and family laugh this Halloween. #halloween #halloweencraft

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