Fairy Castle Iris Folding Pattern

Published on August 26th, 2019

Make a gorgeous fairy tale birthday card with this free fairy castle iris folding pattern.

Perfect for your little princess or prince!

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Fold the pattern in pinks and purple for the perfect princess castle, or try greys, blues or even rainbow colours for less of a girly, feminine look.

Castle Iris folding pattern

Sorry this isn’t the greatest photo, I gave the card away before I could take a better one! I’ll make it again soon and update the post when I’ve got better pics. 😀

This is a more complex iris folding pattern than what I would normally post.

It doesn’t follow the traditional ‘spiral’ folding pattern that’s common on iris folding patterns.

Instead, the folds are aligned so that they look like the bricks and stonework on the outside of the fairytale castle.

It might take a little bit of practice to get used to this way of folding, as in places you will need to fold the paper strips more than once to follow the pattern, however once you’ve done a couple of folds then the rest will be easy!

Fairy Castle Iris Folding Pattern. A cute pink and purple princess castle iris folding pattern. Download the free castle iris folding pattern now. #irisfolding #crafts #paperfolding #fairycastle

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