Summer Cocktail Iris Folding Pattern

Updated on August 11th, 2019

Celebrate summer with this free cocktail iris folding pattern. Perfect for all your friends with summer birthdays!

If your friend is a fan of sipping sangria by the pool, or spending hours talking the summer evenings away in a trendy bar with a Cosmopolitan in hand, then this could be the iris folding pattern for their next birthday card.

On the whole, this is a pattern suitable for beginners, however there are a couple of trickier folds around the cocktail umbrella.

Download the free cocktail iris folding pattern now using the form above this text.

Celebrate Summer with this luscious cocktail iris folding pattern. Perfect for handmade cards for friends with summer birthdays if you enjoy pina colada together, or sipping Sangria on the beach. #irisfolding #cardmaking #cocktail

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