Pink Pompom Tree Card

How to make a black and pink Christmas tree card

Updated on January 30th, 2019

It’s Day 7 of my “Crafty Advent Calendar” where I’m revealing one new FREE craft printable every day for 25 days.

Today’s card is a contemporary black-and-pink Christmas tree with lots of fun pompoms and gemstones.

This is an easy card to make, so it would be a great Christmas kid’s craft project to keep them entertained in the school holidays!

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Pink Pompom Christmas Tree Handmade Card

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You will need…

How to make a pink pompom Christmas tree card

Step 1: Print the craft sheet

Print the craft sheet onto glossy photo paper.

I use Crafty Bob Glossy Paper which is a special type of paper designed for greetings cards and crafts.

I like to use this paper because the printer ink dries instantly and is smudge-proof straight after printing, so you can use the printed sheet straight away.

If you aren’t a fan of the glossy shiny look to your printouts then the paper is available in matte too.

Step 2: Cut out the card front

Cut out the card front using a paper trimmer or a craft knife and metal ruler (don’t forget a cutting mat to protect your work surface!).

I left a bit of extra white after the pink border to help separate the design from the black card that I’m going to mount it on in the next step.

Step 3: Layer onto black card

Cut a piece of black card so that it is slightly smaller than 5×7 inches but slightly larger than the topper you have just cut out.

Stick the tree topper onto the black card using double-sided tape.

Pink pompom Christmas tree card instructions: Step 3

Step 4: Attach to card blank

Stick the black card to your 5×7 inch card blank using double-sided tape.

Pink pompom Christmas tree card instructions: Step 4

Step 5: Add the pompoms and gemstones

Here is the fun bit!

Add pompoms and gemstones to the black circles on the Christmas tree design.

You don’t need to add one to every black circle – I left a few of the smaller ones empty.

Stick a star topper on top or you could even cover the top star in glitter if you don’t have any star-shaped toppers.

Pink pompom Christmas tree card instructions: Step 5

Step 6: Finish with silver peel-offs

Finish your card front with some simple silver border peel-offs on the black card for some extra Christmas sparkle.

Pink pompom Christmas tree card instructions: Step 6

Get the free printable to make this easy Christmas tree handmade card:

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