Glitter Spider Web Handmade Card

Glitter Spider Web Handmade Card

Craft THE most sparkly Halloween card with this clever (and SO easy) glitter spider web handmade card.

If you’re not afraid to get your fingers a little bit sticky then this is a fun DIY greetings card project to make this Halloween.

I can’t guarantee that you won’t end up covered in glitter (I did!), but this sure is a fun card to make.

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How to make a glitter spider web greetings card

To make this rainbow glitter spider web card you will need:

Glitter spider web handmade card for Halloween. Make your own rainbow spider!

Glitter spider web card tutorial

  1. With your pencil, lightly draw a spider web shape onto your black card. It’s easiest to draw horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines from the corners and then fill in the joining lines between them afterwards. This means you end up with a fairly symmetrical shape.
  2. Trace over the pencil lines with tacky glue. This can dry quite quickly, so you need to work fast!
  3. Take your red glitter and pour over the top left of the spider web. Tip off the excess glitter. IMPORTANT – when tipping off the excess, make sure you tip AWAY FROM the spider web design, otherwise all the excess glitter will stick to the rest of the web as you pour it off.
  4. Work through the rest of your glitter colours, doing one at a time. Again, be sure to tip off the excess away from the rest of the spider web design.
  5. When the whole spider web is covered in glitter, wait for it to dry before assembling your card.
  6. When the glue is dry, use some more tacky glue to stick the black card to the front of the 6×6 inch card blank. I prefer using glue to double-sided tape for this as I NEVER manage to stick things on straight on the first attempt. With glue, you get some “wiggle room” to reposition.
  7. Cut 4 pieces of black embroidery thread and stick to the top left of your card using a blob of tacky glue in the middle and then positioning the threads to look like spider legs.
  8. Add a bit more glue and attach a black button to form the spider’s body.
  9. Finally, add a couple of small googly eyes to make your new spider friend come to life!

Handmade greetings card of a glittered spider web for Halloween

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Happy crafting,

Sarah x

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  • Darlene says:

    Really super cute idea. I’m going to try it with my grandkids. Thank you.
    I don’t know if you can do anything about it, but the links for facebook, twitter and pinterest on the left hand side are annoying. I have to scroll way or way down to get past those boxes and then the window for the instructions is quite small.

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