Funny Pizza Valentine’s Day Gift

Funny Valentine's Day printable gift for pizza lovers

Do you love your partner more than pizza? Or perhaps you have someone who holds a “pizza your heart”? Show your loved one how much you care with these funny pizza themed printables. Bon appetit!

My husband and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, although we do give each other a card and a small gift.

The other day, I was browsing Pinterest for some ideas of what I could get for him this year, and came across loads of different funny Valentine’s Day printables. They all involved some sort of food, drink or small gift item that perfectly matched with a printed card with a funny slogan or play-on-words on it.

Immediately I knew that this was something I wanted to make for James!

But… what theme to choose…

After a few moments of thinking, the answer was clear – PIZZA!!

We are both huge pizza fans and love to enjoy a Friday night in front of the sofa watching a terrible action film with a lovely pizza to share.

Funny pizza printable gift

I designed two different pizza themed Valentine’s printables as I couldn’t decide on which phrase I preferred.

You can download both versions from my Freebie Library.

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Funny Valentines Day printable gift for pizza lovers. You hold a pizza my heart. Print these funny Valentine's gifts and stick on a gummy pizza candy for the ultimate pizza themed Valentine's Day card.

I have to admit that my husband has already seen this, even though I designed it with him in mind for a cheap and cheerful Valentine’s Day.

I had to show it to him early, as he takes all the photos for my blog because I’m not very good at photography. He works in photography and video, so he is much better suited to it than me!

He did had a chuckle at the pun-tastic pizza jokes on these Valentine’s gifts, so at least I got the reaction I wanted.

I did get into a little bit of trouble for the photos though, because the slices of pizza gummy sweet left little red marks all over his pink background so he has to get a new one – oops!

He got to eat some gummy pizzas though… so that’s a good thing! šŸ˜€

Get the free Valentine’s Day pizza joke printable

Graphics from via The Hungry Jpeg.

I love you more than pizza (probably). Funny Valentine's Day card for pizza lovers or from people who just love pizza! If you love pizza then give this funny pizz candy Valentine's Day gift to your loved one. Show all your love with this funny pun pizza printable.

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