5 Free Tea & Coffee Layered Mandala SVG Files

Free Tea & Coffee SVGS

Do you know someone who LOVES drinking coffee or tea? Why not make them a layered mandala gift for their next birthday?

I have created five separate SVG files which are perfect for tea lovers and coffee lovers alike!

Collection of tea and coffee themed layered SVGs

Each design is five separate layers and they are both free to download so that you can cut them on your Cricut or Silhouette machine.

Most designs feature an intricate mandala in the main space of the image, with the exception of the coffee jug which has swirls instead.

Each file comes in SVG, DXF and PDF and PNG formats. If you’re using a Cricut machine then you need to upload the SVG version into Design Space.

Scroll down to get each of the five free files…

Mandala Teacup SVG file

Mandala Teacup Layered SVG

Get free layered teacup SVG

Mandala Teapot SVG file

Mandala Teapot Layered SVG

Get free layered teapot SVG

Takeaway Coffee Cup SVG file

Take Out Coffee Cup SVG

Get free layered takeaway coffee cup SVG

Mandala Coffee Mug SVG file

Mug of coffee SVG files

Get free layered coffee mug SVG

Layered Jug of Coffee SVG file

Mandala jug of coffee Layered SVG

Get free layered jug of coffee SVG

How to assemble layered SVGs

If you aren’t sure how to make this file, check out this video tutorial:

How to download these files

This video shows you how to download SVGs from my website and open them in Design Space.

If you have any problems, please email sarah@craftwithsarah.com – I’m always happy to help!

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Time for Tea: Layered SVGs for Tea Lovers!

I just LOVE how these two designs look when displayed next to each other.

Adding a fun “tilt” to the teapot makes it look like it’s pouring a lovely hot tea into the teacup!

Teacup and teapot layered mandala SVGs for Cricut

Happy crafting,
Sarah x

Teapot & Teacup graphics by Prettygrafik Design, © Prettygrafik.com


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