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Updated on January 31st, 2019

It’s been a busy week over at Craft With Sarah HQ as I’ve been making LOTS of craft printables to be added to this blog. One of my favourites is this beautiful mermaid sitting on the beach – and I hope you like here too!

Mermaids are one of my most requested subjects for free printables – in fact, the only request I hear more often is for unicorn projects. And if you’re more #teamUnicorn than #teamMermaid then you’re in for a treat in a couple of weeks as I have a whole collection of unicorn craft projects just waiting to be released 🙂

About the mermaid birthday card printable

The card front is a little bit smaller than 7×5 inches so that you can put it on 5×7 inch cards and have a little bit of a white border around the edge.

It also looks great on larger cards, such as the A5 card that I used in the mermaid tutorial instructions below.

How to make a mermaid birthday card

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to create your own mermaid birthday card.

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You will need…

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Step 1: Print out the free mermaid printable

Print out your mermaid printable onto glossy craft paper

I print my craft sheets onto Crafty Bob Glossy Paper. This is a special type of paper designed especially for greetings cards and crafts. I love this paper because it dries instantly and is smudge-proof straight after printing, meaning that I can start using the printed sheet straight away.

If you aren’t a fan of the glossy shiny look to your greetings cards then the paper is available in matte too.

Step 2: Cut out the card front

Mermaid card front

To keep the edges nice and straight use a paper trimmer or metal rule and craft knife (I use the latter).

I prefer my cards to have rounded corners so I used a rounded corner punch to round off the edges on the mermaid card front.

Step 3: Prepare your background paper

Preparing handmade paper for frayed edges

Take your sheet of handmade Mulberry paper and cut it to about the size of your card blank – you don’t need to be completely accurate as we are going to be re-shaping it.

Place a ruler against one of the edges of the handmade paper and then lightly run down the edge of the ruler with a paintbrush that’s been dipped in water.

The goal is to create a straight edge of water along the side of the paper so that we can tear it easily.

Step 4: Carefully tear the handmade paper

How to create perfect frayed edges on handmade paper

Hold the ruler with one hand to keep it in place and then carefully tug at the edge of the handmade paper.

The paper will tear along the water line that you just created, leaving a pretty frayed edge but the ruler will stop the paper from tearing too much and ruining the perfect straight line that was created in Step 3.

Repeat this for all edges of the handmade paper.

Step 5 – Attach the backing paper & card front to the card

Mermaid handmade card

You can do this in whichever order you prefer, but I chose to stick the mermaid card front to the handmade paper first, and then attach the whole thing to the scallop-edge card blank.

I used a double-sided tape pen as it makes sticking pieces of card or paper together very quick.

Step 6: Complete the decoupage step-by-step layers

Mermaid decoupage

Cut out all the remaining layers of the mermaid.

Attach them to your card front using foam pads to create a 3D effect on your cards. Start with the largest shapes and then for each layer choose the next largest, until you end up with the smallest shapes being on top.

Mermaid step-by-step handmade card tutorial

As I didn’t want my card to be too thick I didn’t use all the layers – as you can see from the photo above.

Step 7: Decorate your mermaid card!

Flower embellishments on a handmade card

This is my favourite part of the handmade card process 😀

Use flowers, embellishments, hearts, sequins or whatever else you have available to decorate the edges of the card.

I used a selection of flower embellishments from Hobbycraft as well as some puffy heart decorations that I found in my craft stash.

Most of them were stuck on using Mod Podge glue but I put a few of them on foam pads to make them stand out more and add to the 3D-effect of the card.

Get the free mermaid printable

Graphics credits: The Hungry Jpeg