3D Penguins Castle Card

Free printable to make a Christmas penguins Castle Card

Updated on January 30th, 2019

It’s Day 5 of my “Crafty Advent Calendar” where I’m revealing one new FREE craft printable every day for 25 days.

Today I’m sharing a bit of an unusual card – a Castle Card. I came up with the concept for Castle Cards back in 2010.

I was trying to create an easy-to-make shaped card that had a bit of “wow factor” when displayed next to other cards but still folded flat for postage – and I think I succeeded!

One of the great things about Castle Cards is that you don’t need many crafting supplies to make one – just some basic craft tools such as 3D foam pads.

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Christmas penguins Castle Card

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You will need…

    • Free castle card printable (available in my free resource library — get the password at the bottom of this post)
    • Photo paper to print on
    • Cutting mat
    • Metal ruler
    • Scoring tool
    • Craft knife or scissors
    • 3D foam pads
    • Double sided sticky tape

How to make a 3D Castle Card

Step 1: Print the two craft sheets

Print the two craft sheet templates onto separate sheets of paper.

I use Crafty Bob Glossy Paper which is a special type of paper designed for greetings cards and crafts.

I like to use this paper because the printer ink dries instantly and is smudge-proof straight after printing, so you can use the printed sheet straight away.

If you aren’t a fan of the glossy shiny look to your printouts then the paper is available in matte too.

Step 2: Score and cut

Take the main template sheet first and put it on a cutting mat to protect your work surface.

Use a scoring tool and metal ruler to score down all the fold lines as shown on the template.

When you have scored the lines, cut out the card shape.

I use a metal rule and craft knife for this to keep the edges nice and straight, but you could also use a pair of scissors.

How to make a Castle Card

Step 3: Fold along the score lines

Fold each of the sides of the card along the score lines to shape your card.

The pattern template shows which folds should be valley folded and which should be mountain folds.

Castle card folding instructions

Step 4: Construct the pyramage

Cut out all the rectangle shapes on the second craft sheet.

Use 3D foam pads to stick the rectangles on top of each other with the largest at the bottom and the smallest on top.

This creates a fun “pyramid” effect for your card.

Stick the topper to the middle of your Castle Card.

Penguin pyramid card

Step 5: Add a sentiment and the back panel

Cut out the back panel and stick it to the back of your Castle Card with double sided tape. This is where you will write the message to your recipient.

Finally, cut out your chosen sentiment and attach it to one of the sides of your Castle Card using double sided tape or 3D foam pads.

Get the free printable to make this Christmas Penguins Castle Card:

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