How to Make 3D Layered Greetings Cards with your Cricut

How to Make 3D Layered Greetings Cards with your Cricut

Take your card making skills to the next level by crafting gorgeous 3D layered greetings cards with your Cricut machine.

Follow this Cricut card making tutorial to learn how to assemble the free greetings card designs that are shared in this post.

Dolphin card made with a Cricut machine

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3D layered card materials

Get the Dolphin design here

Video tutorial: 3D layered cards with Cricut Maker

Watch the video below for a step-by-step tutorial of how to cut and assemble this gorgeous dolphins greetings card.

Not sure how to open the project? Watch my explainer video.

Free 3D layered Cricut greetings cards

Check out these free designs…

How to make a 3D layered card using a Cricut machine

Follow the instructions below to learn how to assemble your 3D greetings card.

1) Open the project in Cricut Design Space

Download the Design Space project and open it up.

For how to do this, watch my Design Space explainer video.

Design Space dolphins project

2) Cut all layers

Cut each layer of the card design from 160gsm (medium) cardstock.

To stop your card bending when you take it off the mat, instead of peeling the card from the mat, turn the mat upside down and gently bend it away from the card stock.

This will allow the card to gently come away from the mat without it warping or branding.

Silver card coming away from a blue Cricut mat

3) Fold the base card

Fold your base card along the score line.

Run a bone folder or Cricut scaper (or just your fingers but be careful!) along the crease to make it really sharp and crisp.

Turn the card the correct way up when you’re done, with the fold line along the top.

Crease card along score line with your Cricut scraper or a bone folder

4) Build up the layers

Working on layer at a time, stick foam pads to the bottom of each layer of card, starting with the bottom layer (ocean).

You may need to cut your foam pads with scissors if they are too large.

Be sure to put enough foam pads on that the design won’t sag in the middle, or along the top of the frame.

Adding foam pads to card

After applying the foam pads, peel off the sticky backings then stick them to your base card to create a layered effect.

You will need to cut your foam pads quite small when you get to the top layer, especially to fit in around the filigree cutouts in the middle of the dolphins.

Cut foam pads smaller for filigree dolphins

5) Sit back and admire your work!

Once you’ve added all the layers, that’s your 3D layered greetings card all finished, yay!

You could add other embellishments such as toppers, sequins, ribbon or gemstones.

Dolphins 3D card handmade

Ready for more? If you’d like to dive straight in to another Cricut craft project (woohoo!) then check out my free SVGs & Cricut crafts.

Happy crafting,
Sarah x


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    Merci Sarah for your generosity of giving free download
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    • Craft with Sarah says:

      Hi Yolande, thanks for your comment and I’m glad you liked the free downloads. I hope you have fun making the cards.

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